• MID RANGE SHOWDOWN: KICKR CORE vs ELITE DIRETO X vs TACX FLUX 2 – Which smart trainer should you buy? The midrange trainer market is getting bigger and better. In this video, I will walk you through the specs of the top three smart trainers: The Wahoo KICKR CORE, Elite Direto X, and the Tacx Flux 2
  • Hands-On: Elite NERO Smart Rollers Review – The Elite NERO is a fully interactive smart rollers with ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth, and FTMS compatibility. I had a chance to put the NEOR to test and review its specs, accuracy, and everything you need to know about these smart rollers.
  • VIDEO: Talking WAHOO & THE SUFFERFEST With Founder David McQuillen – I had a chance to sit down with David McQuillen, the founder of The Sufferfest and talked about the Wahoo acquisition of his company, The Sufferfest. We discussed a variety of topics including Android app development, Apple TV, a web player, a new RAMP test they are working on and many more.
  • How To Earn The New Zwift Mountain Bike Quicker – The new Zwift steering feature was debuted earlier this month along with a new off-road route and a new mountain bike. Here is how to ride this course and earn the new MTB bike.
  • How To Ride Ironman World Championship Bike Course Indoors – Ever wanted to ride the Ironman Championship course in Kona using your smart bike trainer? In the video, I walk you through two different indoor cycling apps that offer the Ironman Kona bike course.


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