I have been in the triathlon sport for many years. My first triathlon I completed was back in 2010. Since then, I got hooked on the sport, and completed a number of ironman 70.3 and many full ironman distances.

I have a competitive nature and wanted to be good in this sport. I invested a lot of time in training and equipment. Living in cold Ohio with a full time job, kids and family, I have to spend a lot of my time training indoors. I’ve logged more time cycling indoors than cycling outdoors.

One common question I get, is how am I able to spend a lot of my time indoors. Aside from being motivated and setting goals, having a plan and good equipment makes the suffering a lot easier.

The past few years, the smart indoor bike trainer market blossomed and I was very intrigued to try them out. I wanted to share my experience on the different trainers out there and different indoor cycling software and apps available and this site was born.

You will find hands-on reviews on most bike trainers on this site. I spend weeks on each trainer putting real training hours on it to get a real feel of the trainer. Then I share my thoughts with you. None of my reviews are paid reviews or ads.

I hope you enjoy this site and please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.