Having been involved in the triathlon sport for numerous years, my first completion of a triathlon occurred in 2010. Ever since, I’ve become enamored with the sport and have finished a variety of Ironman 70.3 and full Ironman distance races.

With the emergence of intelligent indoor bike trainer technology over the last several years, and with the majority of my training occurring indoors, I wanted to share my experiences and perspectives on the smart trainers I’ve utilized, as well as how they’ve enabled me to undertake 4 to 6-hour indoor sessions in preparation for my Ironman races. This led to the creation of SMARTBikeTrainers.

This website features hands-on evaluations of most bike trainers, with each trainer tested for several weeks to get a genuine feel for it. My thoughts on these trainers are then shared on this website and my YouTube channel. It’s important to note that none of these evaluations are sponsored or paid reviews, and I’m not connected with any cycling firm.

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  • 4X Ironman (140.6 distances).
  • Competed in Half Ironman (70.3) distances every year since 2011 with over 20+ half ironman distances completed.
  • Finished 2nd in age groups (35-39) and (40-44) and top 10 overall at Rev3 70.3 events.
  • Finished 10th in Ironman Ohio 70.3 2016.
  • Ironman All World Athlete 2016 & 2017 (Gold).
  • USAT All American Athlete 2014 and 2016.