Cycling Apps

The below is a comprehensive list of indoor cycling apps you can use with compatible smart bike trainers.

wdt_IDApp NamePlatformWireless CommunicationPriceFree Trial
1ZwiftMac OS, Windows OS, Apple TV, iOS, AndroidANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMS, BLUETOOTH$14.99/month7-day free trial
2RouvyWindows OS, iOS, Android, Mac OS, Apple TVANT+ FE-C, BLUETOOTH$15/month14-day free trial
4RGT CyclingMac OS, Windows OS, Apple TVANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMS$9.99/monthFree
6FulGazApple TV, iOSBLUETOOTH, BLE FTMS$12.99/month or $108.99/year. A second family member can be added for free.14-day free trial
7TrainerRoadMac OS, Windows OS, iOS, AndroidANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMS, BLUETOOTH$19.95/month or $189.95/yearFree 30-day with code from a friend
8The SufferfestMac OS, Windows OS, iOSANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMS$14.99/month or $129/year14-day free trial
9XertiOS, Android, Web PlayerANT+ FE-C, BLE FTMS $9.99/month or $99/year30-day free trial
10VeloProNone$10/month Or $27/quarter30-day free trial
16ERGVideoWindows OSANT+ FE-C$10/month, $99/year. Studio subscription is available for $60/month.Software is free to use and ride power workout files. Supports up to 24 riders.
12BigRingVRMac OS, Windows OSANT+ FE-C$10/month or $99.6/year7-day free trial