Welcome to my top 10 cycling apps of the year. 2023 has been an interesting year in the cycling app space. We’ve seen apps hitting the brakes and calling it quits, others cranking up their prices, and new apps enter this space trying to shake things up.

So the way it works here, the cycling apps I pick here are smart apps, the ones that play nice with your smart bike trainer. So at minimum they offer support for Bluetooth FTMS and can interact with smart trainers and control resistance. So they support ERG mode and sim mode.
So this is my top 10 – ranked based on combination of features, ease of use, price, training plans,
and honestly, whether I’d stick with the app for more than a hot minute. So yes, I would say my personal bias meter is in full swing! And there are apps that I am not going to mention and you might disagree with me and that’s fine. But if there’s an app you’re crazy about that I didn’t mention here, let us know in the comments. If you prefer to watch a video version of this post, then simply hit the play button or head over to my YouTube channel to watch.

Let’s roll into my top picks:

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Price (USD): $8/month or $96/year.
Free Trial: 30-day trial available.
Device Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, iPad, Android.
Smart Trainers Compatibility: ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth.

Bkool Cycling App

Bkool is a virtual cycling platform that allows cyclists to ride on virtual routes, participate in group rides and races, and engage in structured training workouts. You also get access to Bkool fitness which is a spinning/peloton style instructor led type class. 

Bkool cycling offers plenty of routes that you can ride in map view, video view or my personal favorite is the 3rd view.

In terms of community features, Bkool allows users to join live group rides and races with other users from around the world and they constantly run live events that you can join. Some can have a decent amount of riders but most likely you will be riding with only a handful of others. Bkool Cycling also offers the ability to create your own routes. 

Bkool costs $11 per month. They also offer an annual subscription for $110 per year. You can also get a family membership for $129 per year.

Bkool is available for MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. It is also compatible with smart trainers and support standard classic trainers or dumb trainers with a speed sensor.

9. FulGaz


Price (USD): $12.99/month or $108.99 with option to add an extra family member.
Free Trial: 14-day trial available.
Device Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Apple TV, and Android.
Smart Trainers Compatibility: Bluetooth and ANT+ FE-C

FulGaz features over 1500 high-definition video routes from over 40 different countries with varying levels of difficulty and terrain. FulGaz’s routes are shot with high-quality cameras and are designed to simulate the real-world experience of outdoor cycling. 

The social scene in FulGaz is limited. They offer a limited selection of live group rides and social events. But like most other apps you will most likely find yourself riding alone or with a handful of other riders. They have an ok workout library and training plans that you can follow. You can also sync your workout from TrainingPeaks as well. 

FulGaz is available on Mac OS, Windows, iPad or iPhone, Apple TV, and Android as well. 

The app is compatible with almost any smart trainer that support the standard communication protocols. It doesn’t directly support classic trainers but you can ride it in STEADY mode and the video will just play and move you down the road at the same speed of the person who filmed it. 

Subscription to FulGaz costs $14.99 per month or you can go with the annual membership for $125.99 which comes down to about $10.5 per month. But you can also add an extra family member at no additional cost. 

FulGaz is well designed and accessible on multiple platforms, making it easy for riders to access and use. It’s a great app if you are looking for real video type routes rather than a gamified virtual environment. However, it does fall short in a few areas. For instance, FulGaz does not offer a robust social scene that you will find in Zwift. Also, their workout library and training plans are not as robust, and it doesn’t support running.



Price (USD): $15/month or $14/month for a 6 months subscription. Or $12/month for an annual membership. 
Free Trial: 14-day trial available.
Device Compatibility: Apple TV, Mac OS, iOS, Windows 10, Android.
Smart Trainers Compatibility: ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth

Rouvy offers a range of features for indoor cycling, including the ability to ride or race on virtual routes that feature real-world video footage and augmented reality. The platform also offers structured workouts, training plans, virtual races, and group rides with other users worldwide. 

While the augmented reality feature in Rouvy is good, you will find the video quality may not be as smooth as what you would find on platforms that create their own virtual roads like Zwift or MyWhoosh. However, this is not unique to Rouvy, as the video quality often suffers in real-world video type apps when the videos are sped up to match the user’s virtual speed.

Rouvy has a big library of structured workouts that you can pick from. You can also create your own workout using their workout builder or sync your workout of the day from TrainingPeaks. 

They also have different training plans for different options but they are not as developed as other platforms.

Rouvy’s social scene is not bad either. The platform hosts various events, races, and group rides to keep things interesting and enjoyable. The number of riders joining a ride or race can vary from a handful to a few hundred, but generally, expect between 10 to 50 riders. You can also create your own group rides or races and invite others to join you.

Rouvy is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad. It is also available on Apple TV and Android. Rouvy supports smart bike trainers. They support classic dumb trainers with a speed sensor.

Subscription to Rouvy is $14.99 per month and you can no longer share that subscription with family members like you used to in the past. However, there’s a new ‘DUO’ package For you and a partner for $19.99. So you are saving about 33% compared to getting two individual subscriptions. They also introduced a ‘Group’ subscription plan for up to 5 riders, priced at $32.99.

Overall, Rouvy is a solid app. Its high-quality video routes and augmented reality are certainly impressive. The app is well designed and accessible on multiple platforms and supports virtual running.

7. TrainerDay

Trainer Day

Price (USD): FREE and $3.99/month or $41.99/year for a premium membership.
Free Trial: Free limited version is available
Device Compatibility: iPad and iPhone
Smart Trainers Compatibility: Bluetooth

TrainerDay is great for coached athletes or those who want a no-nonsense workout player. 

What makes TrainerDay shine is its ‘get-up-and-go’ factor. Open the app, and boom – you have three recommended workouts for you based on your most recent activities.  

You can switch workouts on the fly and even edit workouts. TrainerDay contains a giant community driven library of cycling workouts and offers training plans as well. You can create your own workout by either using their web spreadsheet like workout creator which is very simple and easy to use or import your workout of the day from TrainingPeaks. You can also upload your own workout file and they accept all the common formats like ZWIFT file format, MRC, or ERG files.

There’s a free version with 20 workouts and the ability to use their mobile app. Or just pay $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year and you have full access to the app. The app is Available on both iOS and Android.



Price (USD): $9.99/month or $99/year
Free Trial: 30-day free trial available.
Device Compatibility: iOS, Android.
Smart Trainers Compatibility: BLE FTMS, ANT+ FE-C.

XERT is a unique cycling platform that focuses on individualized training using advanced analytics and metrics.  The platform uses a variety of data points to track changes in your fitness, suggest workouts, and create a personalized training plan. Their workout player will monitor your fitness in real time and adjust the intensity, and duration of your workout down to each interval. 

XERT is primarily focused on training and does not have a virtual world or social features like Zwift. However, XERT offers a library of Smart cycling Workouts that use advanced mathematical modeling to precisely track your fatigue levels throughout a workout. The Xert Fitness Planner also allows you to create and manage a training plan customized to your specific needs, including your fitness abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and available time to train. With XERT, you have the tools to be your own coach and tailor your training to your unique needs.

Xert offers Sessions for users who want to socialize and join group workouts or rides within the Xert community. In addition, Xert Academy Sessions are available for those who want to learn more about how the platform works while getting their workout done. Users can also create their own group sessions for their Xert Communities, including Clubs, Teams, and Squads. 

XERT is available for $9.99 per month or $99.95 per year. Xert is available on iOS or Android. They also have Garmin ConnectIQ app that you can use.

XERT is a standout platform with a one-of-a-kind smart engine that sets it apart from the competition. It’s ideal for cyclists who prioritize getting stronger over virtual bells and whistles. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support multisport and doesn’t account for running and swimming for example in calculating your fitness signature.  Also, if you run with power, your run power data will skew your cycling power data so you will have to create a separate profile for running. Despite these limitations, for cyclists, XERT is an excellent choice.

5. Wahoo SYSTM


Price (USD): $15/month or $129/year
Free Trial: 14-day free trial available.
Device Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS
Smart Trainers Compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+ FE-C.

Wahoo SYSTM specializes in personalized workouts paired with video-based cycling content. Wahoo SYSTM takes a different approach to engage riders in their workouts. With video content that features a storyline, they grab your attention and help you stay focused throughout the workout and it works.

You can also enjoy scenic guided video rides, and cycling-focused documentaries and short films paired with structured endurance and recovery workouts under their Inspiration workouts. And, for the cherry on top, they have ProRides, which are simply amazing.

In a lot of ways, I think the video content offered by Wahoo SYSTM is even better than real-world location-based content. Personally, I find it to be more engaging and enjoyable. 

Wahoo SYSTM has a vast library of training plans that you can customize to suit your specific needs. The platform offers a variety of cycling, running, yoga, and strength workouts.

Wahoo SYSTM cycling workouts are built around their Four Dimensional Power (4DP) concept. The 4DP concept takes into account the differences between athletes. No two athletes are the same, even if they have the same FTP value. One athlete might be better at short efforts, while another might excel at long sustained efforts. Depending on their goal, each athlete may require a different plan to get them to the same destination.

Wahoo SYSTM requires a membership which is $14.99 per month or $149 per year. It is available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The platform is compatible with smart trainers, and classic trainers with a speed sensor. 

Wahoo SYSTM is one solid platform that packs a punch. Their training platform is no joke, and their cycling videos are both challenging and entertaining. The app is well-designed and super user-friendly. However, the future is shaky for Wahoo SYSTM. Wahoo just recently pulled the plug on their RGT Cycling app, closing their sport science center, and bundling annual zwift memberships with their Wahoo bike trainers. So it is unclear what’s going to happen to Wahoo SYSTM.

4. indieVelo


Price (USD): FREE
Device Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Android
Smart Trainers Compatibility: Bluetooth FTMS, ANT+ FE-C

IndieVelo is already turning heads for being seriously feature-rich, and hyper focus on group events, racing credibility, and results verification. In terms of functionality, it checks all the boxes. Multiple routes, custom workouts and ERG mode functionality, group events, and yes, you can even create your own teams and events. 

indieVelo revolves around a singular island, with a number of different route configurations, ranging from flat terrains to those with a bit of elevation. indieVelo’s got a neat selection of structured workouts, including different types of FTP tests to choose from. Cool thing is, you can also bring in your workouts from apps like TrainingPeaks or other third-party apps.

indieVelo offers a few ways to socialize with others. We’re talking group rides, pace rides, group workouts, challenges, races, you name it. They make it easy to check out events, create your own events and share events and invite others to join you.

Now, if you’re into graphics, you gonna have to manage your expectations here. IndieVelo’s visual aesthetic is a bit old-school. They’ve been laser-focused on nailing the technology, features, race credibility and ride physics which is impressive, with leaning into corners, braking, drafting and you can even see wind speed and direction.

As for setup, the app was easy to download and install. Currently only compatible with PCs, MacOS, and an Android version is being tested. A version for Apple TV is also in the works and promised to come out in the near future. There is no support for classic trainers. Meaning, you need a power meter or a smart trainer to use IndieVelo.

So like I said earlier IndieVelo is currently in beta and is free to use. But for those who want to chip in and support this project, there’s a membership at $12.99 a month, or an annual option for $129.99 that will get you into the Founder’s Club with some perks.

3. MyWhoosh


Price (USD): FREE
Device Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, iPad
Smart Trainers Compatibility: Bluetooth FTMS, ANT+ FE-C

If you haven’t caught my in-depth video on MyWhoosh yet, definitely check it out for the full scoop. MyWhoosh has over 54 routes in 5 different worlds totaling around 500 miles. They offer group events, racing, sim rides, and a really nice library of workouts and workout plans.

MyWhoosh recently locked an exclusive three-year partnership with the UCI for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships that covers 2024, 2025, and 2026.

MyWhoosh has done plenty to ensure racing credibility. From the ability to dual record power to enhanced rules and regulations and power verification to ensure fair play.

The app is free and works on Windows PCs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. A heads-up, though – the app needs some pretty beefy specs, so older tablets or PCs might struggle to run it. But, good news for Apple TV fans, they’re working on a version set to roll out in 2024.

MyWhoosh is compatible with smart trainers, and they’ve got plans to support classic trainers with a speed sensor, though that feature is still on the to-do list.

As a newcomer, MyWhoosh still has some growing to do, but they’ve got the financial muscle to make it happen. The social scene is a bit quiet for now – you’ll likely be riding with bots most of the time. Despite it being free, they seem to struggle getting users and keeping users. However, with the UCI partnership in their pocket, it’s going to be interesting to see how MyWhoosh evolves, stands out in the market, and starts pulling in more users to their platform. I think 2024 is a crucial year for this platform to make things happen.

2. TrainerRoad

Price (USD): $19.95/month or $189.95/year
Free Trial: 30-day coupon available from a friend referral.
Device Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Smart Trainers Compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+ FE-C.

TrainerRoad focuses on power-based cycling workouts. It offers a vast library of workouts designed for self-trained athletes who want to improve their cycling performance, set goals, or train for specific races. The platform is perfect for cyclists who are serious about training and are looking for a structured and effective training program.

TrainerRoad virtual environment consists of a simple power and workout graph. Basically a workout display showing your power, target power, heart rate, along with your workout profile showing in blue. Many cyclists combine the TrainerRoad workout display with a movie, cycling races from YouTube. Personally, I usually combine trainerroad with zwift, so I might have trainerroad on my ipad and zwift on my pc. But I am also totally fine using just Trainerroad with my music alone and tend to find the structure of workouts engaging in itself. I find it tricky to watch a movie while training, but hey, that’s just me.

On the social side, you can create group workouts which basically consist of a workout with a Zoom type video stream. What really sets TrainerRoad apart is their well-designed, comprehensive, and adaptive training plans. They’ve covered all the bases, catering to cyclists, triathletes, off-road cyclists, road racers, and more. And with their Adaptive Training, they use machine learning and data to recommend workouts and training plans, taking into account training fatigue, illness, vacation time, or lack of sleep.

For the triathletes out there, TrainerRoad will suggest swimming and running workouts and include them in training plans. They will also be accounted for in your overall training fatigue but you can’t use the app to execute the runs.

TrainerRoad is available for Windows, Mac OS, iPhones, ipads, and Android. TrainerRoad is compatible with practically all smart trainers, and also they support classic dumb trainers with a speed sensor. TrainerRoad costs $19.95 per month or $189.95 per year. It is the most expensive app we have here, but I like to think of it as having my own virtual coach.

The focus of TrainerRoad is laser-sharp: it’s all about making you a stronger cyclist. They’ve cut out all the fluff and focused on what really matters. No virtual worlds or scenic rides to distract you. Instead, you get a no-nonsense, highly efficient training platform. It’s like hitting the gym with a clear plan – you’re there to get stronger, and every minute counts. This makes TrainerRoad a top pick for me.

1. Zwift


Price (USD): $15/month, $149/year. Running is free.
Free Trial: 15-day trial available.
OS Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Apple TV.
Smart Trainers Compatibility: Bluetooth, BLE FTMS, ANT+ FE-C

Zwift is very social and offers many options to keep you challenged and entertained. At any one time during the indoor riding season, you can be on course with thousands of other cyclists.

Zwift offers a number of virtual environments. Some are completely fictional such as Watopia – and others are designed after real places such as London, Richmond, New York, Paris, and others. 

Zwift offers many ways to enjoy riding indoors and challenge yourself.

From Free riding, Group rides, Racing, to climbing. Or you can pick a Structured workout from their library or workout plans. Or if you are working with a coach who uses TrainingPeaks, you can simply import your cycling or running workouts from there.

They also offer Running, group runs, run races and running workouts.

Zwift is constantly creating challenges such as the tour of Zwift, tour of Watopia, Zwift academy, and give you virtual rewards to keep you motivated, and coming back for more. There is a reason Zwift is the most popular cycling platform. There is just so much to do to keep you engaged when riding.

Zwift costs $15 per month or $149 per year and is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Apple TV.

I hope this overview of the top 10 cycling apps has been helpful for you. Remember, each of these apps offers unique features and benefits, so it’s worth trying out a few to find the one that fits your needs and goals the best.  

Thanks for reading!

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