If you’ve been browsing the Zwift store lately, you’ve likely noticed the usual suspects—Zwift Hub Classic, the new Zwift Hub One bike trainer, and an array of Wahoo trainers and accessories. However, the latest additions catching everyone’s attention are from JetBlack. Specifically, we’re talking about JetBlack’s Trainer Tray, Trainer Table, and Trainer Fan. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at each of these accessories to see how they can enhance your indoor cycling experience.

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Let’s start off with this small neat Trainer Tray. This is an 8×6 tray that mounts directly on an existing Garmin or Wahoo quarter-turn handlebar mount. It comes with the Garmin mount installed but you can easily switch it to the Wahoo mount if that’s what you have.

The Trainer Tray has elevated edges to prevent things from slipping off. The surface is textured to prevent things from sliding off. I can easily fit a phone, an Apple TV remote, and my Airpods.

If your phone is bigger, like an iPhone Pro max or something similar, it’s gonna stick out the edges unless you place it sideways. The Tray retails on Zwift site now for $49 which, I don’t know, I feel like something like this shouldn’t go over $20 or $25 max but everything is getting so damn expensive these days anyway.


JetBlack bike trainer table is a solid and sturdy table top with two dedicated cutouts designed to snugly fit your tablet or smartphone.

The adjustable height and table legs give you the flexibility to position nicly infront of your bike. We’re talking a height range from 31.75 inches up to 48 inches.

The non-slip table surface measures 20 by 15 inches. That’s a good amount of real estate. Plus, according to the specs, this table can handle up to 22 pounds of weight. But it can hold much more than that. But 22 pounds should be enough to hold not just your tablet, but also a laptop and maybe a couple of energy bars and some water bottles. You can easily fold the table top down like this, not sure why you would want to do that, maybe for transportation or storing it somewhere but it’s an added option.

The only downside with this table? Unfortunately, there are no cup holders to hold your drinks. But if you can get past that, you’re looking at a really solid piece of gear for your indoor cycling setup.

The JetBlack Trainer Table retails for $149.


Alright, the last item on my list is the JetBlack Fan. First off, if anyone tells you that you don’t need a fan for indoor training, they’re not your friend. A fan is a must-have.

This $149 JetBlack Fan sits on the floor and offers you four different speed settings, all controlled by a handy remote. That means whether you’re just warming up or in the middle of an intense interval, you can dial in the exact airflow you need.

You can adjust the back feet to angle the fan downward by removing two screws that hold the back legs together and flipping that section over. Which is solid if you’ve got it perched on a table. But that’s about as flexible as it gets. Unlike some other fans on the market, this one doesn’t offer the ability to tilt it upwards. That’s a feature I’d like to see, especially if you’re sitting high or just want airflow coming from a different angle.

Unlike its techie counterpart, the Wahoo Fan, this one’s not smart. Don’t expect it to sync with any third-party gear like power meters or heart rate monitors. It’s old-school: you’ve got a remote with three buttons—one to power it on and two to adjust speed. If you dig simplicity, this one’s right up your alley.

Have you tried any of these new JetBlack accessories? What are your must-haves for indoor cycling? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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