The Ultrahuman Ring Air is a smart ring that is packed with advanced sensors. It tracks movement, sleep, body temperature, and provides a ton of key health metrics like sleep quality, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), VO2 Max, women-specific health metrics, movement patterns, and much more.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air retails for $349. They offer multiple finish options, raw titanium, aster black, matte gray, bionic gold and space silver. The one I have here is the matte gray one which is more charcoal color.

But their big selling point is there are no additional subscription fees. So Unlike other rings or smart fitness tracking devices out there, there are no other fees to worry about after purchasing your ring.

In this video, I dive into the Ultrahuman Ring Air features, their app, and dig deeper into all the different fitness metrics presented in their app.

If you are interested in purchasing the ring, you can use this link. It is an affiliate link that will help this website and the YouTube channel. But best of all, you will get an additional discount.

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