The Zwift Ride is Zwift’s latest innovation in the world of indoor cycling, offering a complete, ready-to-use setup designed to integrate seamlessly with Zwift. Priced at $1,300 in the U.S., the Zwift Ride combines there Zwift frame with the Wahoo KICKR Core smart trainer, making it an affordable and flexible option for cyclists. The bike is compact, easily adjustable, and quieter than ever, providing a smooth and realistic riding experience. Zwift has meticulously designed this product to cater to a wide range of riders, ensuring that it fits users between 5 feet and 6.6 feet tall.

In my latest video, which you can watch on my YouTube and subscribe :), I dive deep into the features of the Zwift Ride, starting with its design and build quality. The bike arrives in three separate boxes, with a straightforward assembly process. Zwift has included thoughtful details like an Allen key tucked within the frame for all necessary adjustments and color-coded bolts for easy identification.

The integrated handlebars are equipped with Zwift controllers specifically designed for the Zwift Ride. The controllers will give you intuitive control over the platform’s features, including virtual shifting that now supports Shimano and SRAM styles and can be customized in Zwift’s settings menu.

Overall, the Zwift Ride stands out as a well-executed, accessible option for Zwifters and a cheaper alternative to a dedicated smart bike. Its seamless integration with the Zwift platform, attention to detail, and affordability make it an attractive choice.

In my video, I also highlight Zwift’s plans to release a frame-only version later this fall, which will increase compatibility with other trainers and offer more options for customization.

The Zwift Ride will be available to order starting June 26, 2024.


Zwift Ride with KICR CORE:

  • USA – $1299.99
  • EU – €1299.99
  • UK – £1199.99
  • Canada – $1,999.99
  • Australia – $2,299.95

Shipping is an additional $75 for U.S. customers.

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