Today, Zwift announced an update to their subscription costs. Starting from the next billing cycle after June 6th, membership prices will rise to $19.99 per month or $199 annually, plus applicable taxes. This change marks the first price adjustment since 2017.

Zwift has held its subscription price steady for six years, despite the inflationary pressures faced globally. Zwift kept pricing unchanged when most other cycling platforms have adjusted their pricing post-pandemic.

In their statement: “Despite rising inflationary pressure, we’ve worked hard to keep our prices locked since 2017. Your subscription fee has allowed us to develop the platform and enhance your experience on Zwift… This change will allow us to continue our commitment to bringing you even more product benefits, new features, and content experiences in the months and years to come.”

What This Means for You

For current subscribers, the new monthly fee will be applied from the next billing date following June 6th. Those on annual plans will see the updated pricing on their next renewal date.

What About Running?

Running is still free on Zwift. As long as you only use Zwift for running, nothing is changing for you.

Looking Ahead

I know many Zwifters will not be happy with the price hike. For many of us, especially after the economic shake-ups from the pandemic, every dollar counts. This increase might seem small for some, but it adds up, especially if you have multiple riders in one household. Right now, Zwift doesn’t offer a family membership plan, which could put a strain on those who share their virtual roads with others in their household.

Comparatively, services like Peloton offer a $44 monthly subscription that covers everyone in your household. That’s a tempting deal for families or shared living situations, making Zwift’s new individual pricing seem a bit tougher on the wallet for those with multiple users at home.

Despite the hike, I believe Zwift still offers good value. Many of us saw this coming. The writing was on the wall with the general trend in rising costs across all tech and fitness platforms.

So, what does this mean for Zwift? Will this be a turning point where we see some Zwifters pedaling off to other platforms?

LocationMonthly MembershipAnnual Membership
USA$19.99, plus applicable taxes$199.99, plus applicable taxes.
European Union€19.99€199.99
Iceland, Norway & Switzerland€19.99, plus applicable taxes.€199.99, plus applicable taxes.
CanadaCAD $24.99, plus applicable taxes.CAD $249.99, plus applicable taxes.
AustraliaAUD $29.99AUD $299.99
Rest of WorldUSD $19.99, plus applicable taxes.USD $199.99, plus applicable taxes.

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