Zwift announced new features coming to Zwift between now and March 2024. Let’s unpack what to expect from Zwift in the next few months.

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Companion App Update

Zwift Companion app update

Coming in January, Zwift’s Companion app update is going to make planning our rides and workouts easier. We’ll be able to browse workouts and routes in the app and queue them up right on the Zwift home screen. I am all for anything to eliminate scrolling and searching around when it’s time to get riding.

Avatars Get a Fresh Look

Zwift Avatars

This should be coming in February, our Zwift avatars are getting a makeover. It’s been a while, and let’s face it, everyone could use a fresh look now and then. I’m curious to see how these new avatar faces will add more personality to our virtual selves.

Avatar Choice Freedom

Zwift is no longer limiting avatars by the gender in your profile, you’ll be able to choose any avatar you want. However, race and event categories will still align with the gender on your profile.

Apple Watch Integration

For all you Apple Watch users out there, Zwift is making life easier by adding heart rate monitor compatibility. Now, this is more of a fix than a new feature as Apple Watch integration was introduced to Zwift years ago but has been very clunky to use. Looking forward to seeing how this works.

The Zwift Games

From February to March, Zwift is introducing the Zwift Games, a large community racing tour. Zwift Games will include three Sprint stages, an Epic stage for endurance riders, and a Climb stage for the mountain goats. You can race by completing all five races as a stage race, or pick and choose your preferred stages throughout the month of March. Races will be available multiple time per day every day throughout the month of March.And for the elite Zwifters, there’s a chance to compete in championship events and possibly become the inaugural Zwift Games All Round Champion.


Tour de Zwift: In January, Zwift is kicking off with the Tour de Zwift and Rebel Routes. This is a big event on the platform where you get to ride routes that are usually off-limits. Finishing these stages gets you some cool route badges and a new in-game kit, which this year includes Zwift’s first bucket hat.

l’Etape du Tour: Then in February, things heat up with the l’Etape du Tour event. This is a nod to the massive amateur Gran Fondo that happens every year as part of the Tour de France. Zwift’s version brings some of that action to your home setup. They’re doing monthly two-stage Fondos on weekends across February, March, April, and July. To help you get ready, there’s an eight-week training program lined up, complete with some famous climbs from the Tour de France thrown into Zwift’s Climb Portal. These are great for training for the actual event or just pushing yourself on some tough climbs.

And there’s something new coming in March – Zwift’s planning to drop a brand-new event and a different way to score some rewards. We should hear more about this in February.

As I get more details on these updates, I will dig deeper into the details so make sure to stay tune and follow me on social media and YouTube.

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