Wahoo Fitness has just announced the pre-order for their new KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill. The treadmill was unveiled earlier in January and has generated significant buzz due to its Free Run mode and smart interactive technology. The KICKR RUN will retail for $4,999.99.

Here’s how the pre-order process works:

  • Pre-orders kick off exclusively for pre-registered customers on May 1st at 8 AM ET.
  • The pre-order period starts on May 2nd for everyone else.
  • A $500 refundable deposit is required to pre-order. KICKR RUN is expected to be available in Fall 2024.
  • Once purchased, your KICKR RUN will be scheduled for delivery and installation.
  • Currently pre-orders are only available in the U.S.

When your unit becomes available, you will receive an email indicating you have 5 days to pay the balance due and purchase the KICKR RUN, or you may request a refund.

The company plans to start shipping by Fall 2024. A premium delivery service will be set up, and they will deliver, assemble, and set up the KICKR RUN in the room of your choice.

If you are not familiar with the KICKR RUN, I had a chance to test it out earlier this year. Here is a video with my first impressions of the treadmill.

The KICKR RUN is designed to mimic the dynamics of outdoor running. Features include RunFree Mode, which adjusts the treadmill’s speed in real-time to match your stride, and Automatic Grade Control for experiencing inclines and declines. It also offers Target Pace Control, a responsive surface that simulates the feel of running outdoors, lateral tilting, and elite speed capabilities that support up to a 4-minute mile pace. Plus, it’s remarkably quiet, even at high speeds, and fully compatible with Zwift and other fitness apps that support the standard Bluetooth FTMS protocols.


  • Maximum Speed: 4 minute-mile pace/ 2.28 minute-KM pace
  • Maximum Incline: 15%
  • Minimum Decline: -3%
  • Lateral Tilt – Up to 1.5%
  • Display: Grade, Pace, Bluetooth, and WiFi Connectivity
  • Belt: 60″L x 22″W
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth and DirectConnect
  • Power: 120V
  • Product Weight: 275 lb / 125 kg
  • Maximum Runner Weight: 250 lb / 113 kg
  • Supported Devices: iPhone / iPad/ Android/ MacOS/ Windows PC/ AppleTV
  • Laptop Shelf
  • USB-C Charging Port
  • Two Water Bottle Holders
  • Automatic Levelling

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