Wahoo Fitness announced their new series of KICKR x Zwift membership as part of their recent collaboration with Zwift. Each bundle in the KICKR range includes a one-year subscription to Zwift.

Here’s the detailed pricing for each model (You can find all bundle options here):

  • KICKR CORE Bundle: Priced at $599.99 / £549.99 / €599.99. This entry-level bundle includes a preinstalled (8-12) speed cassette, making it a great value for its price.
  • KICKR SNAP: Available at $399.99 / £349.99 / €399.99. It offers an affordable option for those new to indoor cycling.
  • KICKR BIKE: Now at $4,099.99 / £3,599.99 / €4,099.99. A premium choice in the range, offering a top-tier indoor cycling experience.
  • KICKR BIKE SHIFT: Costs $3,099.99 / £2,799.99 / €3,099.99. This model provides a unique riding experience with its shifting mechanism.
  • KICKR MOVE: Priced at $1,699.99 / £1,499.99 / €1,699.99. A mid-range model that balances features with price.
  • KICKR (V6): Available for $1,399.99 / £1,199.99 / €1,399.99. This is a robust choice for a comprehensive indoor cycling setup.
  • KICKR ROLLR: Costs $699.99 / £649.99 / €699.99. Known for offering a distinctive riding feel within the KICKR lineup.

It’s important to note that the prices for the KICKR Bike, KICKR Bike Shift, KICKR V6, and KICKR Move with the one-year Zwift membership – usually priced at $149.99 – is included in these bundles, saving you about $50.

For those interested in more options, Wahoo’s website offers non-bundled versions of their products. Customers can choose to purchase the KICKR with or without the Zwift subscription. On the other hand, Zwift will exclusively sell the bundled Wahoo x Zwift packages.

Speaking of Zwift, Zwift is no longer selling the HUB ONE Classic. The HUB ONE Classic is the Zwift HUB with the option of an actual cassette.

For retail purchases, the KICKR CORE without a cassette is slightly more affordable at $499.99 / £449.99 / €499.99. Retail customers also get the benefit of the discounted annual Zwift membership at $99.99 / £99.99 / €99.99 upon registering their product.

Another key highlight worth mentioning is the integration of all Zwift rides into the Wahoo App, allowing users to track their indoor and outdoor workouts seamlessly in one place.

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