Garmin released the all new Garmin Varia RCT715 cycling radar with a camera. This rearview radar with a camera and tail light continuously records your ride. Plus, it detects vehicles approaching from behind and displays on your compatible Garmin device.

The Gamin Varia Rearview radar line provides awareness of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away and alerts you of the approaching vehicles. They are compatible with devices such as Garmin Edge bike computers, some Garmin watches as well as other third-party bike computers such as the Wahoo Elemnt.

The Radar itself on every single Varia model works the same. No changes there. The light intensity is the same on the RCT715 and RTL510 except they added a Peloton mode RCT 715 which is meant to be used when in group rides and it’s only 8 lumens.

The RCT 715 retails for $400. 

In the video, I will talk about the radar functionalities, camera quality, and my impression.

Thank you for watching!

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