I had a chance to sit down with David McQuillen, the founder of The Sufferfest and talked about the Wahoo acquisition of his company, The Sufferfest. We discussed a variety of topics including Android app development, Apple TV, a web player, a new RAMP test they are working on and many more.

Topics Discussed During the Interview

  • Are you keeping your vowels?
  • Intro to The Sufferfest (1:17)
  • The acquisition and how it happened (3:00)
  • How does Wahoo integrate The Sufferfest into its ecosystem (5:47)
  • The Sufferfest outside workout and 4DP (7:30)
  • Dynamic workouts and workout plans and the all new RAMP FTP test (9:00)
  • The making of the new RAMP test and how is it different (12:45)
  • Developing AI: internally or through acquisitions? (15:26)
  • Wahoo Smart Bike and The Sufferfest (16:39)
  • Future development: Android, web app, and workout calendar (18:19)
  • Apple TV challenges (12:40)
  • Final question (22:00)

Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

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