Not long ago, getting a good direct drive trainer meant spending around $1,200. Fortunatily for you, that is no longer the case. In 2017, Elite introduced the Elite Direto – a solid direct drive trainer that was priced at $899. Before the Direto, Tacx was toying around with the Flux but they ran into some quality issues with that unit.

Fast forward to the 2019-20 indoor training season, now you have many options to choose from if you are looking for a good direct drive trainer without spending over $1,000. Wahoo has the CORE, Tacx has the Flux 2 and Flux S, and Elite has the Direto X as well as the new Direto Suito.

To keep the playing field equal, in this video, I only looked at the CORE, Flux II, and Direto X because they are all priced at $899 – at least here in the US.

In this video, I talked about the major differences between all three trainers, the accuracy, and how loud each trainer is.

If you want to buy any of these trainers, make sure to check out the price tracker before purchasing any trainer to make sure you get the best price.

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  • Hey! I’m a fan already, great reviews here. I do quite a bit of these on a weekly basis as you see. My questions for you (if I may); does ANY of these have side to side movements like Kinetic patent approved smart trainers?

    I like the DiretoX but I am taking into consideration the side to side movements. My fear is that most brands (Kinetic themselves and some of these) have poor support via phone or locally, so I am trying to figure this puzzle out. Will end up buying from your link, these are excellent reviews, so my way of saying thanks eventually…

    Between Kinetic 7000/ T-6500 and Direto X here. Any thoughts appreciated. Love your site, great videos on your end amigo…

    Kind regards

    • Only the Kinetic has the side to side movement. The Direto, Flux and Core don’t have any flex to them. The Tacx NEO has a slight side to side movement but not as pronounced as the Kinetic.

      Glad you are enjoying the content and videos and thanks for your support 🙂

  • Now that the Saris H3 is on sale, and both it and the Core have had some recent firmware updates, How would you compare those 2? I’m leaning towards one of those. I’m just an average rider mostly in Zwift. Not sure if I would notice a big difference between these 2 trainers.

    I enjoy your vids and reviews.

    • Ken,
      Saris H3 would be a winner but I am not sure if they addressed the accuracy issues I raised in my review. Otherwise, at $750 it’s a steal.

          • The main difference is the adjustable legs with the H3. So if you have an uneven floor, I would go with SARIS. But other than that, you are looking at higher-end specs with the H3 such as maximum watts (2000 watts vs 1800 ) and more slope support (20% vs 15%). But other than that, the CORE is a solid trainer.