If you’ve been contemplating adding a rocker plate to your indoor cycling setup but were hesitant due to space and budget constraints, the KICKR Move might be the perfect solution for you. Combining the reliability and technology of the KICKR series with added movement, the KICKR Move promises a more immersive and comfortable ride, without breaking the bank.

What’s New?

The KICKR Move takes a significant leap from the earlier versions, introducing a dynamic movement feature that allows for an 8″ forward and backward movement, and some side-to-side action too. This new movement feature is designed to mimic the feeling of riding outdoors more closely, offering comfort and a more natural riding experience during those long indoor training sessions. Not only does it maintain the quality and accuracy Wahoo is known for, but it also brings an added dimension to your indoor cycling setup that enhances the overall ride comfort.

Specs at a Glance:

  • Price: $1,600 USD.
  • Movement Feature: 8″ forward and backward movement with a side-to-side swaying motion in addition to the adjustable AXIS feet.
  • Lock-Out Option: Yes, KICKR MOVE features an option to prevent fore-aft movement and lock KICKR MOVE into place.
  • Setup: Easy to set up with QR code and instructional videos.
  • Power Accuracy: Maintains a consistent +/-1% and automatic calibration, just like its predecessors.
  • Power Calibration: Not needed.
  • Maximum Power: 2,200 watts
  • Maximum Simulated Gradient: Simulates up to 20% inclines, keeping the gradient features intact.
  • Connectivity: Offers three Bluetooth channels, ANT+, and WiFi connectivity, ensuring stable connections with multiple apps simultaneously.
  • Direct Connect Port: Yes (keeping the option for a more stable connection through Direct Connect)
  • Firmware Updates: Firmware updates happen automatically in the background, as long as it’s connected to power, sparing you from manual updates.
  • Noise Level: Continues the tradition of being whisper quiet, only generating noise from the drivetrain.
  • Additional Features: Compatible with the KICKR CLIMB with an additional base adapter priced at $50.
  • Race Mode: Yes
  • ERG Easy Ramp: ERG Easy Ramp gets you back into the effort gradually instead of requiring a leg-busting effort to hit your power numbers.
  • Cassette: Includes 11-speed with 11-28 ratio
  • Hub Types: 130/135mm QR, 12×142, and 12×148 Thru Axle
  • Adapters: Includes 130/135mm QR adapter & hub spacer, 12×142/148 adapter & hub spacer, 1.8mm cassette spacer
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 250 lb / 113 kg

Final Thoughts:

Having had the chance to take the new KICKR Move for a spin over the past few weeks, it’s clear that Wahoo has once again upped the ante in the indoor cycling world.

From an accuracy perspective, the KICKR Move is simply impressive. In my tests, it remained within a few watts from my trusted Wahoo PowrLink Pedals and P2M Ng power meter, showcasing its reliability and precision. The ERG mode, a critical part of my trainer tests, didn’t disappoint either. It handled various demands gracefully, staying within a few watts of my target throughout different intervals and cadences, truly making for a smooth and realistic riding experience.

But the standout feature has to be the movement. Personally, I’ve always preferred a trainer that can move with me, offering that added layer of realism and comfort. The KICKR Move does this effortlessly, with its forward-backward and slight side-to-side movement. I believe this feature alone makes a significant difference, especially for those long indoor riding sessions. It’s a refreshing blend of the immersive riding experience from a rocker plate with the compact, high-tech offering of a smart trainer, giving you the best of both worlds in a neat package.

At a price point of $1600, it might seem steep, but considering the comfort it brings to your indoor riding experience, it offers good value, especially for those pondering the addition of a rocker plate to their setup.

I am eager to hear from fellow riders, especially those using rocker plates. Do you think the KICKR Move could replace your current setup?

Don’t forget to check out the detailed review on my YouTube channel where I delve deeper into my experience with the KICKR Move. With that, thanks for reading and watching my video review.

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