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See table below for a complete list of bike trainers that I recommend. If the table doesn’t load for whatever reason –these things happen – refreshing the page might help resolve the issue.

I have reached out to some online retailers to see if they will be willing to offer a certain discount. Some were kind enough to work with me and extend a discount for potential customers I refer from this site. Some other retailers were not so nice…

Here is a list of some good sales currently running:

TrainerStoreCurrent PriceRetail PriceDiscountCouponBuyShipping
CycleOps HammerOutdoorPlay1,0201,19915TARQ15BuyFree Shipping
CycleOps HammerWorld Wide Cyclery1,0801,19910TARIQ10BuyFree Shipping
CycleOps HammerAmazon1,1491,1994-BuyFree Shipping
CycleOps HammerREI1,1991,1990BuyNo
CycleOps MagnusOutdoorPlay50959915TARQ15BuyFree Shipping
CycleOps MagnusWorld Wide Cyclery53959910TARIQ10BuyFree Shipping
CycleOps MagnusAmazon6006000-BuyFree Shipping
CycleOps MagnusREI5995990BuyNo
Elite DiretoAmazon8998990-BuyFree Shipping
Elite DiretoNashbar8998990-BuyNo
Elite DiretoMoosejaw8998990BuyFree Shipping
Elite DrivoAmazon1,3001,3000-BuyFree Shipping
Elite DrivoMoosejaw1,2991,2990BuyFree Shipping
Elite RampaAmazon5995990-BuyFree Shipping
Kinetic SmartAmazon41264937-BuyFree Shipping
Tacx FluxAmazon79989911-BuyFree Shipping
Tacx NEOAmazon1,3701,60014-BuyFree Shipping
Tacx NEOREI1,6001,6000BuyNo
Wahoo KICKRWahoo Fitness1,1991,1990BuyFree Shipping
Wahoo KICKRREI1,1991,1990BuyNo
Wahoo SNAPWahoo Fitness5995990BuyFree Shipping
Wahoo SNAPREI5995990BuyNo

The above table is a complete list of the most popular indoor bike trainers sale. We track prices and sale on Wahoo KICKR, Wahoo Snap, CycleOps Hammer, CycleOps Magnus, Tacx NEO, Tacx Flux, Elite Direto, and Elite Drivo.

The prices you see below don’t include taxes or shipping. Generally, shipping is usually free with some exception. We do consider shipping with the link we provide to purchase the trainer. Since trainers are usually very heavy and shipping can be expensive, some online stores will charge oversized shipping. Some other retailers will not charge shipping if you ship to a store near you such as Performance Bike or REI.

If you find a better deal somewhere, please let us know in the comments section or contact us.

If you purchase anything via SmartBikeTrainers, we might get a little commission and we greatly appreciate it!

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