Zwift rolled out a new update last night with a number of improvements and fixes. The update is available for download now for PC, Mac, iOS, Apple TV and Android.

Zwift added additional functionality to their event system to accommodate very large events. These changes will be most noticeable on lower end devices. Some users might notice less number of bikes around them in these large events. This was added to address some of the game crash issues and also to keep frame rates high enough to make the game enjoyable for all users.

Zwift also added steering functionalities for the Wahoo KICKR bike. Up until now, steering was only available using the Elite Sterzo front wheel riser or using the Zwift Companion app. With this new update, you should be able to pair your KICKR bike to Zwift and Steering should be enabled.

Ray from DCRainmaker did a fantastic video explaining and showing how steering works with the KICKR bike if reading isn’t your cup of tea.

There is nothing you really need to do other than ensuring you have the latest Zwift update. Wahoo didn’t release a new firmware for the KICKR Bike for months, so today is probably a good day to do a quick check.

When you get to the Zwift pairing menu, you should see the KICKR Bike paired as a steering device.

To steer, you need to use the function buttons inside the handle bar.

To steer, just press and hold one of the buttons and you should see your avatar go left or right depending on which button you pressed. That’s basically it, very simple and easy to use.

If you don’t want steering enabled, you can simply unpair the KICKR bike as a steering device from the steering menu.

That’s all. Very simple and just works. If you want to learn more about the KICKR Bike, you can ready or watch my KICKR Bike review here.

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