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The Sufferfest To Sunset ANT+ Support in Its iOS App

The Sufferfest will be sunsetting support for ANT+ in their new iOS app expected to be released on May 15th, 2019. With this update, you will no longer be able to connect to you smart trainer using ANT+ if you use The Sufferfest on the iPhone or iPad.

This decision will most likely affect a very limited number of users. According to The Sufferfest, only 3% of users use ANT+ on iOS. Their iOS app is BLE FTMS compatible. Most trainers made in the last couple of years from Elite, Tacx, Kinetic, and CycleOps are BLE FTMS compatible.

we decided to sunset support so we could devote more development resources to further improving your app experience

According to the company

The Suffertfest app on MacOS and Windows will continue to support ANT+.

If you are part of the 3% who still use the Sufferfest app on iOS with ANT+, you can convert your ANT+ device to Bluetooth using the CABLE bridge. CABLE converts ANT+ devices, such as your heart rate monitor or trainer into Bluetooth. CABLE is also FTMS compatible and can convert your ANT+ FE-C smart trainer to Bluetooth FTMS. You can read about this and step by step instructions here.

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  • “According to The Sufferfest, only 3% of users use ANT+ on iOS.”

    I think there’s a ‘simple’ reason for.

    The only (read: fully working) ANT+ dongle comes from Wahoo and it’s an old Apple 30-Pin model. But iDevices nowadays don’t have this Apple 30-Pin any more, instead they have the Lightning port. To be able to use this dongle you have to use an an Apple-made 30-Pin to Lightning adapter. This is very odd/bulky.

    Users have been asking for an ANT+ dongle for Lightning, but… well, that’s another story. 🙂

    • Yes, Apple stopped making that dongle and Wahoo has no plans on updating the ANT+ dongle anytime soon. My guess the demand was not there and Bluetooth is now standard on all trainers and cycling apps.