SMARTCap: 2020 Video Cycling Apps, The Sufferfest New RAMP Test, Zwift Updates and More…



  • Your 2020 Guide to Indoor Video Cycling Apps – If you enjoy riding real courses, this post/video is for you. You will find the top video apps available today that allow you to ride real courses with high-definition videos.
  • The Sufferfest Released a New FTP RAMP Test – Half Monty is a new ramp-style fitness test designed by The Sufferfest / Wahoo Sports Science team. This test is unlike other RAMP tests you’ve seen as it goes beyond the traditional ramp test by combining it with a 20-minute sub-maximal / tempo effort determined by an athlete’s heart rate. I covered the new RAMP test and validated my own results by doing the Full Frontal 20-minute FTP test as well.
  • COVID-19 and Cycling With Coach Neal Henderson – I had a chance to chat with coach Neal Henderson, the head of sports science at Wahoo Fitness, to discuss the effect of training on our immune system and how to adjust during this period.
  • TrainerRoad New Video Group Workout – TrainerRoad released a new group workout feature earlier this month. Basically, you and four of your friends can do the same workout while sharing voice, video, and data.
  • Ironman Announces a Multi-Year Partnership With Rouvy – IRONMAN announced a multi-year partnership with the virtual cycling app ROUVY. As the Official Virtual Training Partner of IRONMAN, ROUVY will offer virtual IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 bike courses on its platform based on real courses.

Zwift Updates / Apple TV UI Delayed

Just last night, Zwift released a new update to its game. The update adds new missions and a couple of new bikes and some bug fixes to Apple TV pairings. They also finally added 4K Ultra profile support for GeForce GTX 1650 cards which I happen to have.

The most notable updates are:

  • Added 8 new cycling workouts under 60 minutes.
  • Added 16 new run workouts (several are offered at both 30 and 60-minute variations), for runners who want to get a good run in, and have less than 60 minutes to spare.
  • Boost Mode is a new event type that will allow users to charge a boost (with their own watts of course) and then discharge that boost at a time that’s right for them. This mode will be exclusively available in a limited number of FutureWorks Club Jarvis events as we test, tune and tweak the experience.

Zwift earlier in April released an update to allow users to select a third world from the Ride menu. Up until that update, you had two choices, Watopia as the default choice, and one guest world. With that update, now you have two guest worlds options available in addition to Watopia.

Zwift also made the decision to delay the new Apple TV new UI due to the increase in users since the outbreak. Expect to see this new Apple TV UI later this year or most likely right before the Fall indoor riding season. Also, expect to see a new Apple TV released sometime this year with a redesigned remote.

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