Last night, Zwift sneaked in one more update to Zwift before entering the new year. This time it included something runners have been asking for.

The new running track is a 400-meter track and three lanes wide. You can select it right from the route selection menu after pairing your footpod or compatible treadmill.

The May Field track is a one-way track and you can only run it in a counter-clockwise direction.

I had a chance to run it last night and you can watch a full lap in my Facebook post below. But here are my quick thoughts on the new track.

The track doesn’t particularly follow the standard outdoor track rules. It only has three lanes. These lanes aren’t marked and the start/finish line isn’t really visible. There are no 100-meter markers or a 1-mile marker. A mile is 1609 meters and usually, tracks have 9 and 16-meter lines that you can start from.

Start/Finish Line

Running the track felt like running any other route on Zwift. The data displayed is the same data you see when running any route. Your total time is displayed on the main display and total distance. On the left side of the screen, you see the mile/kilometer split screen.

I would like to see Zwift change the data displayed once you enter the track, and make it more track workout specific. Instead of mile splits, maybe 400m splits.

Did you run the track? What do you think?

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