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Hands-On With The Runn Smart Treadmill Sensor

North Pole Engineering released the Runn around the middle of December of last year. I ordered myself one and received mine around Christmas and have been using it since.

The Runn is a small device that attaches to any treadmill. It measures the speed of the belt, the incline of the treadmill, and senses your footfall and calculates cadence. The Runn is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible and can be used with Zwift or any app or decice that is compatible with these protocols.

The device measures the speed of the treadmill by using a little speed sensor sticker that you attach to the belt of the treadmill. As each sensor passed under the two sensors under the device, it measures the time it took each sensor to go from sensor A to B and calculates the speed.

In the video review, I talked about the installation process, calibration process and most importantly if the device work and worth spending the $100 price tag.


You can purchase the RUNN from North Pole Engineering. Even though I purchased the Runn myself and my review wasn’t sponsored but NPE was generous enough to offer a 10% discount to readers of SmartBikeTrainers. Just use code TARIQ10 at checkout. This will also help support this site. Thank you!

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