Zwift Releases Their Latest Update And a New London Route

Zwift pushed their latest update today which include a massive expansion to London route and some fixes to their mobile and desktop app.

But first, let’s take a look at their new London route which is what everyone cares about, right?

There are three new routes that you will see tomorrow (Tuesday) when you login to Zwift:

Surrey Hills: This is a 25.4 miles routes with almost 3000 feet of elevation gain. If you like to climb, you are going to love this route. The route will take you through all the climbs in the London course and out in the countryside if you like to stay away from the city. You will ride each climb in both directions.

  • Leith Hill: 1.2 miles long, and 440 feet elevation gain.
  • Keith Hill: This is basically the back side of Leith Hill. It’s 2.4 miles long and 749 feet elevation gain.
  • Box Hill: This is the old and famous Box Hill. It’s 1.7 miles long and 456 feet of elevation gain.
  • Fox Hill: This is the backside of Box Hill and it’s 1.86 miles long and 512 feet of elevation gain.


Greatest London Loop: This is a 16.1 miles route that will start you with a flat 8 miles through the city then takes you over Surrey’s Leith Hill for some climbing. You will get 1172 elevation gain with this route. 

Triple Loops: This is a 25.4 miles route that will take you through all three London loops. You will start off with the Greater London loop, then the Classique, then ride over Leith Hill and finish with Box Hill. The triple loops will net you 1,848 feet of climbing.


Secondly, some routes now have new starting areas. For example, if you select the “Jungle Circuit” route in Watopia, you will start very close to the Jungle area. This is great for runners, because now by the time you get to the Jungle, your run is probably mostly over. Volcano circuits, Classique, London Flat, and Richmond flat also support this new feature.

Zwift is also looking into adding multiple starting areas per route to allow you to choose where you’d like to start in a future update.

Additional Changes:

  • Added a more visually obvious starting line to timed segments
  • Partial fit files uploaded to should be less likely to be considered corrupt by 3rd party services.
  • Hologram treadmills were added underneath runners warming up for an event
  • “Achievements” screen renamed to Badges, and that screen now should show your Achievements and Mission badges you earn going forward.
  • Reduced bluetooth bandwidth usage on latest Tacx Neo firmware on MacOS. Fixes power data being somewhat unresponsive in Tacx’s latest firmware
  • Disabled Tacx Neo vibration function when warming up on wooden piers in watopia
  • Players can now be seen through transparent objects like the RideOn thumbs and leader beacons
  • Users under 13 can now see ride leader messages, but no other messages
  • Cadence and pace text are now larger in Zwift running mode
  • Minimap is now zoomed in further for runners

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