Not long after Zwift announced their plan to add the UCI World Championships course in Yorkshire, Zwift released an update today with the new UCI World Championships course. The UCI World Championships will take place September 22-29th. This will be the third UCI World Championship course in Zwift.

The Harrogate circuit will be featured in many of the events mostly towards the end of races. The mixed relay team time trial, men junior and women junior time trial will take place exclusively on the Harrogate circuit.

The Yorkshire course will be part of Zwift main course rotation, meaning you will see it in the calendar along with other Zwift’s Worlds going forward.


First, make sure to install the new and latest Zwift update. After going through the pairing menu, you will see the course in the main tap in the course selection menu as long as it’s on the calendar.

If you see a different course, it’s either you didn’t update Zwift or it’s not the scheduled course for the day. Check the Guest World Schedule on the lower right of the screen for the schedule.

Click on the “ROUTES” button and you will see the following routes to choose from:

1) 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit– This is the official circuit of the 2019 UCI World Championships. The Elite women will race 3 laps after riding from Bradford. The Elite men will race 7 laps after riding from Leeds.

2) Duchy Estate– The Duchy Estate is 2.9 miles long with 114 feet elevation. This is a clockwise trip around the northern and flatter part of the Harrogate Circuit.

3) The Queen’s Highway– This is a counter clockwise trip around the northern part of the Harrogate Circuit. It’s flat and fast. It’s 3.5 miles long with 135 feet of elevation.

4) The Royal Pump Room 8– This 17.1 miles routes will take you around the full official circuit of the 2019 UCI World Championships in both direction.

5) Tour Of Tewit Well– This 6.7 mile route will cover only the southern hillier part of the Harrogate Circuit.

Did you get a chance to ride the new course? What did you think?

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