Zwift announced the release of Zwift Play, a set of game controllers designed specifically for the Zwift platform. This launch signifies an interesting shift in the way Zwift users can interact with the platform and enhance the overall user experience with improved interactivity.

Up until now, only 15% of Zwifters have been utilizing the action bar, according to Zwift. There’s a notable difference in user interaction across different devices. Zwifters who access the platform via touch screen devices, like an iPad, are three times more likely to use the action bar than those on Mac or PC. Further, Zwifters who interact with the platform via the companion app have been found to ride 2-3 times more per month than those without the app. This data indicates the potential for increased interaction and engagement when users have more accessible controls.

The Zwift Play controllers are designed to easily attach onto your bike’s drop handlebars using silicone straps. The left controller is equipped with a directional pad that provides smooth navigation through game menus and allows users to make choices about which direction to take, including turns or U-turns.

The left controller comes with a directional pad for navigation, while the right one features shortcut buttons for in-game actions such as giving Ride Ons, deploying PowerUps, and teleporting to Pacer Groups. In addition, both controllers are fitted with paddles that enable steering and braking. The operation is straightforward: simply push the paddle inwards to apply brakes and pull outwards to steer. Right from the start, Zwifters will have the ability to navigate their path in events and in freeride mode.

For a richer and more engaging experience, haptic feedback has been incorporated into the controllers. However, it should be noted that this feature will not be turned on at the time of launch but is expected to be activated in the coming weeks.

It’s also important to know that Zwift Play operates on two Bluetooth channels, one for each controller. This means AppleTV users will need to pair Zwift Play using the Zwift Companion as a bridge due to the limited Bluetooth connections available on AppleTV devices.

Alongside the launch of the controllers, Zwift is introducing a Beta Zwift Play Game Experience. The first of these experiences, Repack Rush, is a renewed version of Repack Ridge and incorporates features that test the new functionalities of the controllers.


In the coming months, Zwift has plans to test and launch additional game experiences. During the beta testing phase, Zwift Play is being offered at a discounted price of $99/£99/€99, with the planned MSRP at $149/£149/€149.

Currently, Zwift Play is available for purchase in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, exclusively on the Zwift website.

Zwift has made a considerable leap into the hardware domain with the introduction of Zwift Play. This is the first piece of hardware entirely designed and produced by Zwift. It will be interesting to watch how the introduction of Zwift Play shapes user interaction and engagement on the platform and what direction Zwift’s hardware endeavors might take in the future.

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