In a recent announcement, Zwift revealed numerous software updates slated for the upcoming season. These updates encompass a variety of aspects including new roads in Watopia, Climb Portal enhancements, and the introduction of a new Race Score system. Also, Zwift announced a price increase to the Zwift Hub smart trainer.

A Closer Look at the New Zwift Hub Pricing Strategy

First things first, let’s dive straight into the headline news – a significant shake-up in the pricing strategy for the Zwift Hub smart trainer. It feels like just yesterday when it burst onto the scene at $499, igniting a flurry of events including a legal face-off with Wahoo Fitness, and catalyzing a broader conversation around the pricing dynamics in the industry. Fast-tracking to the present, Zwift and Wahoo Fitness have settled their differences and prevailing market currents. The new HUB pricing lands just under a week since Wahoo announced a generous $300 reduction for their Wahoo KICKR CORE, bringing it down to a more budget-friendly tag of $599.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting – Zwift is rolling out a newly minted bundle for the Zwift Hub, now tagged at $599/€599/£549. This isn’t just a matter of cranking up the price; it brings to the table a one-year Zwift subscription, a perk that wasn’t in the previous offer. This also means waving goodbye to the standalone $499 option. Let’s crunch some numbers real quick: a year’s subscription usually rounds up to about $180, considering the typical $15 monthly rate. So, technically, you’re pocketing a neat $80 savings if a 12-month Zwift subscription was on your agenda anyway.

Adding another layer to this, Wahoo has opted for a different route when it comes to selling the revamped KICKR CORE at the fresh $599 price. It’s not directly available on their website; instead, they’re offering the KICKR CORE bundled up with a one-year Zwift subscription for $699.99. Zwift is also selling the KICKR CORE along with the KICKR V6 and the KICKR Move that was just announced by Wahoo, all with one year of Zwift subscription included. I am assuming that was all part of the settlement reached between Zwift and Wahoo. But don’t fret, if you were eyeing just the KICKR CORE at $599, a quick hop over to a third-party seller like Amazon should have you sorted.

What do you think of this new pricing strategy?

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