In a recent announcement, Zwift revealed numerous software updates slated for the upcoming season. These updates encompass a variety of aspects including new roads in Watopia, Climb Portal enhancements, and the introduction of a new Race Score system. So let’s delve into these updates.

New Roads in Watopia

Coming in October –Watopia, the favored virtual cycling destination in the Zwift universe, is set to receive a substantial upgrade, the first since 2019. Exactly 19 kilometers of new roads. This fresh expansion unveils a coastal expressway from Fuego Flats to the Mayan Jungle without having to negotiate the Epic KOM.

This addition brings faster and flatter routes and initiates key connections that allow riders to embark on some of the lengthiest journeys available in Watopia. With eight new routes, extending up to 48 kilometers, Zwifters can indulge in prolonged rides, soaking in the varied vistas presented across different sectors along the coast of Watopia.

Updates to the Climb Portal

Launching this Fall – The Climb Portal will offer adjustable difficulty settings for tackling climbs, with options to experience climbs at 50% or 75% of the original difficulty. The portal will also introduce a rotating selection of climbs and a monthly highlighted climb in the France portal.

Zwift Companion App and Workout Discovery

Coming in November – The Zwift Companion App will receive an update to make it easier to browse the workout library. This should streamline your workout experience before hopping on the bike.

Zwift Racing Score

Zwift is rolling out a new racing score to more accurately group racers. This fresh benchmark for Zwifters’ race performances considers multiple factors like power, race outcomes, and Zwift competencies. The idea here is to help racers find races where they are evenly matched and pick the right race using a numerical scale. The Racing Score encourages you to race more and refine your race techniques as the more you race, the more precise your score becomes!

This Racing Score is updated after each race and influenced by the final standings and the strength of the competition field and other factors. Zwifters’ Racing Score is based on critical power in all past Zwift activities in case you haven’t raced recently.

Racing Score will not entirely replace the current categories. Instead, you will be able to signup for a scored race using Racing Score. Non-scored events will use Pace Group (A-D) categories.

Play Beta: Repack Rush Event Mode

Coming this Fall – The Play Beta will introduce new gaming elements in Crit City and Repack Rush, offering an engaging cycling experience with added steering and braking controls. Repack Rush Event Mode offers a chance to pit your downhill velocity and Zwift navigation and stopping skills against other Zwifters in a dynamic multiplayer setting. Play Beta is hitting Crit City, bringing along an array of boost pads and challenges to specific events.

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