Today at Interbike, Wahoo announced a new platform geared toward cycling studios, and group workouts. The platform is aimed toward cycling instructors and bike shops that are looking to add a turnkey solution for selling indoor bike training.

Anyone interested to offer indoor cycling studio can apply at the KICKR Studio and fill out a simple application. Potential customers can also go there to search for cycling studios around them. Currently when I searched in my area, I found nothing available but Wahoo said, they will have more available in the next few weeks.

Once you are part of the KICKR Studio, you will get a platform to mange your customers, payment, workouts, and all the way down to managing each KICKR you have in your studio. You can zoom into each athlete and see if they made payment, and which sensors they have connected.

As athletes, you will be able to view your workouts, and download the data or sync it up to other platforms such as Strava or Training Peaks.


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