Kurt Kinetics Rolls Out a New Rock and Roll Smart Control Cycling Trainer

Kurt Kinetics is finally getting into the Smart Bike Trainers market with a new smart controller unit. The trainers essentially is the same Kurt Kinetics you are used to but only with a new Smart Control Cycling unit.

The smart cycling unit is available for $549 or you can get the Rock & Roll trainer with the smart control unit for $849 or the Road Machine for $649. If you already own a Kinetic Rock and Roll or Road Machine trainer, then the Smart Unit is a cheap option to upgrade your existing setup. It’s made to easily be installed in few minutes.


The Smart Cycling Unit is Bluetooth compatible but not Bluetooth Smart compatible. It will  run with Zwift, Trainer Road and some limited number of apps but will not pair with some devices such as Garmin Edge bike computer or Garmin Forerunner. Not sure why Kinetic did this especially in market where other top line trainers are making their trainer compatible with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ FE-C

Kurt also released their own Kinetic Fit app which is available for iOS and Android. You can download the iOS app directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play for the Android version.


Kurt is including a free 6-months with the purchase of any smart trainer or smart trainer unit. It is $10 per month after the trial period or $60 per year. The Kinetic Fit app includes 200 personalized workouts and 24 power-training plans and can be integrated with Sufferfest videos.

Back to the bike trainers, the Rock and RollRoad Machine , and Smart Control Unit are available to pre order now and should be available to ship sometimes in October.


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  • Update – 11/30/2016 (my Amazon Review)
    Dropping to 1 star. I’m getting nervous as number of defects found grows. Why 1 star. The buggy software (Fit App, Android version) as well as lack of integration with Zwift as well as discovering on the Zwift blog that ALL Smart Control users are finding defects with this product. I knew I was taking a chance, starting to regret dropping almost a grand on this. Ugh. Kickr anyone?
    I’m exploring with my local bike shop the option of returning this non-usable unit and getting my money back. Stay tuned.

    It was fun for a week or so to work with Kurt Kinetic to sort out some bugs. Not so much anymore…it’s old. I don’t like the Fit App because I can’t determine my FTP accurately without contacting someone at Kurt to decipher a file that won’t terminate elegantly. I really want to use
    this with Zwift but it has been sitting in my living room basically a boat anchor, with extremely inaccurate power reporting in Zwift.

    Right now I just wish I went for the Kickr instead of being a beta tester for Kurt.

    Below I outlined an issue with the Kurt Kinetic App that Kurt Kinetic helped me resolve. There are still some bugs that remain with the Andrioid App, namely the workouts do not terminate elegantly and you lose your workout. This is a problem, especially for the FTP test. After putting the effort, your results will be lost. Kurt is working these fixes, and have a work around (exit the workout early and it is saved).

    Over the past week I discovered another issue. When operating in the Zwift environment, the stated power output of the Smart Control is grossly OVERSTATED by approximately 30% in my case. I submitted a ticket with Kurt Kinetic and they responded within a day to say they are working a fix for this and it should be ready in a week.

    I’m hanging in there, doing some beta testing for Kurt (Android and Windows 10 environment), mainly because I like the Rock and Roll aspect of the trainer. If you are the type who’s head will explode when you don’t get plug and play after dropping $900, you should get something else or wait for the software testing and integration phase to be over. I suspected this product was rushed to market as I could not find any reviews by consumers. That is why I’m sharing this.

    It’s growing old….want my money back right now and I’m told by my local bike shop that if I return Kurt does not reimburse them. This story continues to worsen each day.