KICKR SMART BIKE- The KICKR Smart Bike from Wahoo Fitness took the spotlight. The bike is fully customizable and can tilt up and down simulating gradient changes. It can measure accurate power within +/-2% up to 2,200 watts and doesn’t require calibration. The bike can simulate inclines of up to +20% and declines of -15%.

The KICKR BIKE retails for $3,499.99 and available in November of this year (2019) to US customers, with Europe and other markets following in early 2020.

KICKR 2018 AND KICKR CORE – Wahoo also released integrated cadence and multiple Bluetooth connection for their KICKR and KICKR Core trainers, as well as new bundle pricing across all their KICKR products. This is available via a firmware update for all 2018 KICKR and KICKR Core models. I covered this in a little more details here.


Saris unveiled their latest direct-drive smart trainer the H3 featuring similar specs as its predecessor the H2 but much quieter and retails for $1,000. The H3 has 2000 watts maximum power output within +/-2% accuracy and can simulate slop up to 20%.

Saris H3 is available today in the US and ships later this month.

MP1 NFINITY– The Saris MP1 motion platform or movement platform is a new type of rocking platform that you place your bike trainer on and allows for a side to side rocking motion and fore-aft movement. 

The MP1 Nfinity retails for $1,200 and available to preorder today.


TACX NEO 2T – Tacx released an update to its flagship smart trainer, the Tacx NEO. The NEO 2T’s new motor design improves ride feel mainly during climbs or acceleration. This upgraded motor also delivers more power allowing for higher resistance levels during sprints or at low flywheel speed and eliminating the virtual wheel slippage. Tacx also made some changes to the magnets and noise coming from internal air displacements making it even quieter than previous NEOs.

The NEO 2T will be available at retailers here in the U.S. early October and is priced at $1,400.


DIRETO X – The new Direto X has improved accuracy within ±1.5% compared to the old Direto’s ±2% and can simulate gradient of up to 18% compared to the old Direto’s 14%.

The Direto X received a slightly modified frame design to accommodate long cage derailers.

The Direto X will be available at retailers late September and retails for $899.99.

The Suito – The Suito, which means “Immediately” is marketed as a plug-and-play smart trainer meaning, you take it out of the box and it’s ready to use. No legs or cassette assembly. It actually comes with an 11-speed Shimano 105 (11-28) cassette pre-installed.

The Suito features a very compact design for wider bike compatibility. It’s compatible with 130mm to 135mm quick release hubs and 142x12mm thru-axle adapters. Additional adapters for 148x12mm thru-axle and 135x10mm are also available separately through Elite’s website. The Suito can fit 9-11 speed Shimano/SRAM cassettes. It’s also compatible with Campagnolo 9-11 speed with a separate adapter.

The Suito is expected to sell for $799.99 and should be available to order in late September of 2019.

TUO – The Tuo is a wheel-on trainer with that made in Italy design touch. The Tuo claims accuracy within +/-3% and supports slope up to 10% and 1,250 watts maximum output.

The Tuo is compatible with bikes with large chainstays and wheels up to 29’’. It’s also compatible with 130x5mm hubs with quick release and Boost 148x12mm thru-axle.


Fliiiight – 4iiii announced a revamped version of the Stac Zero Halcyon just 4 months after the company aacquired STAC back in May of this year.

The new rebranded trainer is called Fliiiight Smart Trainer and it features the same proprietary resistance technology and flywheel zero contact STAC pioneered with the Halcyon.

Fliiiight comes fully assembled and 4iiii replaced the spring pins with dent pins so you don’t need to pull out the spring pins to flip the magnets into position. Just rotate them and off you go.

Also, there is no need to install a spoke magnet to detect movement. Instead, they are using an optical sensor to detect spokes movement. It also has an auto-centering so you can just attach the bike to the trainer and just ride.

Fliiiight smart trainer retails for $599 and should be available late October.


StagesBike – Stages showcased a production model of the all-new StagesBike. The new bike supports all the standard communication protocols making it compatible with Zwift and other cycling apps.

The bike comes equipped with Stages Gen 3 dual-sided LR powermeter.

The bike is fully customizable, from seat, drop bars or aero bars, saddle, pedals, and features four customizable crank lengths (165, 170, 172.5, 175mm).

StagesBike will be available to consumers for purchase in Q1 2020 for $2,600-2,800 USD, depending on delivery location.


Two years after Wattbike revealed the ATOM bike, the bike is finally going to be available to purchase in the US. Also, the company has made significant tweaks to software in the last two years. You can find more information on that here.

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