TrainingPeaks Updates Its Workout Builder Tool With Target Intensity Range and Cadence

TrainingPeaks rolled out an update to its Workout Builder to give users of its popular online training tool more flexibility and additional functions when creating workouts.

The following have been added to its Workout Builder tool:

  • Target intensity range: Ability to set your target power range instead of a single value for each interval block.
  • Cadence Range: Ability to set cadence target range for each block.
  • End Step on Lap: This is an open-ended step that will end when you press the lap button on your device. This option is ideal when riding outside for example and waiting to reach a good stretch of road before starting the main workout interval.  Only Garmin Edge series and Forerunner 645, 735, 935, Fenix 5 watches support this feature.

These features are supported for swimming, biking, running, and most other activities supported by TrainingPeaks.


Garmin Edge and Forerunners support the target intensity range feature but doesn’t support cadence. Wahoo ELEMNT and ELEMNT Bolt support structured workouts but will only display your target power. Cadence is currently not supported on the ELEMNT but should be coming soon. The ELEMNT does support target cadence with Today’s Plan.

Swimming isn’t supported on any device.

Zwift supports target power and target cadence. However, Zwift sets its own power range based on your FTP and Coggan Power zones. Zwift will prompt you to increase or decrease power if you are over/under a certain percentage of your power target.

Zwift will take the middle value of the power range set. So assuming you have an FTP of 250 and you set the power range for the interval to be between 90% to 100%, Zwift will show your target power of 95% or 238 watts.

TrainerRoad also works in a similar way and only supports target power. Cadence is not supported in TrainerRoad yet.

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