Video: How To Import TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts Into Your Garmin Device

Last week, I wrote about importing and using the Planned Workout feature available in Wahoo ELEMNT. A similar feature is available in Garmin Forerunner watches and Garmin Edge bike computers.

In this video, I am using my Garmin Edge bike computer as an example. If you have a Garmin Forerunner watch such as 735, 935, Fenix 5, etc. you should be able to do the same thing by following the instructions in the video. As long as your watch supports Garmin’s Connect IQ app store, then your device is most likely compatible.

You should be able to follow these workouts using your smart bike trainer or take it outside with you.


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  • hi, nice tutorial! do you know if is possible to personalize the screen you see during the workout?? default is power range, power from powermeter (actual, not average on 10 or 30 secs) “Time to go” and “Next Step” timer.
    Will be nice to add cadence range, and choose for power an average of 10 or 30 secs.

    Hope you can understand my message, sorry my poor english.

    Regards from Uruguay


    • Hello Santiago,
      Unfortunately, you can’t customize the workout screen in Garmin. However, you can always create different pages with the data fields you want.

      BTW: Your English is great 👍