The Sufferfest Introduces NoVid Workouts and Set to Raise Their Prices

Just one week after TrainerRoad announced their new prices, The Sufferfest is also set to increase their prices starting November 1st. Their monthly subscription will go up to $12.99/month, however, their annual subscription will remain at $99/year making it a more attractive option.


They also announced a new NoVid workouts option. The NoVids (No Videos) option is a collection of workouts created by Coach Neal Henderson and the APEX Coaching team that don’t have any video. They allow you to see your targets, instructions, performance metrics, and workout graph. The workout graph will be color-coded so you know exactly which of your 4DP metrics a given interval is targeting.

Also, you can customize the metrics you see on the screen. If you don’t want to see your cadence for example, you can just turn that metric off.

The Sufferfest plan on releasing the NoVid workouts in December.



Also, on November 1st, you will have a new Strength Training Program that integrates with many of their training plans. This is in addition to their yoga and mental toughness programs that are already available as part of your current membership.

The Sufferfest offers a wide range of training options for cyclists and triathletes. Probably more than any other app out there.

The Sufferfest supports Bluetooth FTMS, and any ANT+ FE-C trainer. They also added support for the KICKR CLIMB to simulate gradient changes you see in their videos.


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