TrainerRoad will be charging new users more. A lot more. Starting October 8th, 2018, the new pricing will be:

  • $15/month vs $12 per month
  • $129/year vs $99 per year

The new price hike will only impact new users. If you are currently a TrainerRoad active subscriber and don’t cancel your subscription, you will be grandfathered in at their current pricing.

“Charging more lets TR hire more employees and build more tools” said Nate Pearson, founder and CEO. “The extra revenue we get from the pricing increase will fuel the next level of development at TrainerRoad.”

TrainerRoad recently introduced Performance Analytics and the ability to import other rides from third-party apps.


They also announced a new calendar to help plan your workouts and gives you a high-level visualization of all your training as you plan out your season. With the new calendar, you can do the following:

  • Quick View of Your Training: You will have a quick view of your training plan and training stress chart pinned on top.
  • Ability to add any kind of workout, whether it’s cycling, running or swimming and plan out your season.
  • Plan Your A/B/C Priority Races.
  • Training Stress estimator tool or manually type in your own Training Stress.
  • Ability to customize any TrainerRoad training plan: TrainerRoad is going away with their old “bingo card” style training plan. Now you can change the default workout days to the days you prefer. You will be able to drag and drop them to more appropriate days before adding to your plan.
  • Ability to choose the end date of your training plan. If there isn’t enough time to fit an entire training plan, Calendar will cut the plan for you. This allows you to work your way into your A races by starting with the plan you’d like to finish with and the specific day you’d like to end on.
  • Ability to create annotations for life events such as sickness, injury, planned rest, etc.


TrainerRoad didn’t forget about triathletes. Triathletes get extra functionality out of Calendar. When adding a triathlon specific training plan, alongside your structured cycling workouts, TrainerRoad will add swim and running workouts to Calendar. You will also see Coach Chad’s notes in the workout description.

You can view the calendar on, iOS, Android, and Windows app. Mac app functionality coming soon. But as of today, to create and edit Calendar activities you need to go to and log in to your profile to make any changes.

“Our mission is to help you become a faster cyclist. With the addition of Performance Analytics, and now Calendar, I’m proud to say TrainerRoad users have a complete set of tools that can be used all year long to achieve their goals.”  Nate Pearson

So, if you’ve been on the fence, you have a few more days to make up your mind and join before the new price increase.

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