• Fliiiight comes pre-calibrated so there is no need for spindown calibration before each use.
  • Rechargeable battery power allows you to ride for 2+ hours without external power.
  • Multiple Bluetooth channels allowing you to connect to three devices over Bluetooth at the same time.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Claimed accuracy (±1%) and 7% maximum slope.
  • Near silent operation.

Today, at Eurobike 4iiii announced a revamped version of the Stac Zero Halcyon just 4 months after the company acquiiiired STAC back in May of this year.

The new rebranded trainer is called Fliiiight Smart Trainer and it features the same proprietary resistance technology and flywheel zero contact STAC pioneered with the Halcyon.

Fliiiight smart trainer retails for $599 and will be available in October.

Fliiiight comes fully assembled and 4iiii replaced the spring pins with detent pins so you don’t need to pull out the spring pins to flip the magnets into position. Just rotate them and off you go.

Also, there is no need to install a spoke magnet to detect movement. Instead, they are using an optical sensor to detect spokes movement. It also has an auto-centering so you can just attach the bike to the trainer and just ride.

Fliiiight comes pre-calibrated so there is no need to calibrate the trainer or magnet positions before every ride.

But probably the biggest change, is they are now using “virtual inertia” to not only replace the need for bar weights, but it also optimizes the road feel even more than the Halcyon per 4iiii. I didn’t get to ride it myself yet to prove their claims but hopefully, I will have my hands on one soon.

Finally, Fliiiight is ANT+ FE-C, SmartBluetooth, and FTMS compatible. Also, it broadcasts over three Bluetooth channels. Meaning you will be able to record in one app while controlling the trainer with another. 


  • Claimed accuracy: +/-1%
  • Maximum Watts: 2,200 watts
  • Maximum slope: 7%
  • Communication Protocols: ANT+ FEC, Smart Bluetooth, FTMS
  • Dual Bluetooth signal
  • Wireless Riding Time: 2 hours
  • Compatible Wheels: Aluminum alloy rims with a welded or aluminum sleeve joint
  • Compatible Wheel Sizes: 650C-700C or 26”-29”

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  • Thanks for the fairly comprehensive breakdown of the differences between this new iteration, and the Stac Zero Halcyon. The press release from 4iiii is utterly useless, and purposely ignores the heritage from which the new unit evolved.