As the Northern Hemisphere warms up, Zwift shared some new in-game features they are working on and plan on releasing this summer.

As the Northern Hemisphere welcomes warmer weather, Zwift has been preparing some interesting updates. With the aim of improving the overall riding experience, they plan to release a variety of new in-game features throughout the summer.


Coming in May – You know the feeling – you’re all set for a ride and suddenly you realize you’ve forgotten something crucial like a water bottle, a sweat towel, or iPad charger. Or maybe you’re mid-ride and desperately need a bathroom break or if you are like me, a caffeine kick to keep you going. Zwift hears is introducing Coffee Stop feature. This new addition, which was born during a recent Zwift Hackathon, lets you hit the pause button for a quick break (up to three minutes) without losing your spot alongside your ride buddies, whether you’re in a meetup, a Pacer Group, or just freewheeling with other Zwifters.

All Zwifters can access this game-changer once it is released. To snag a Coffee Stop, just choose the option from the Action Bar or Zwift Companion App. Once you’re in coffee mode, feel free to whip up that espresso, sign for that unexpected package, or top off your water bottle. Your avatar will stay in sync with your group while you take care of business, and you’ll continue to accumulate distance and XP.

After three minutes, your Coffee Stop is over, so make it snappy or brace yourself for a chase.

Coffee Stop Rules:

  • In the first five minutes of your ride, you can only take one 30-second coffee stop. 
  • You can only take one coffee stop every 30 minutes.
  • Coffee Stop is disabled in the last five kilometers of distance-based events and the last 15 minutes of time-based events.
  • Coffee Stops are not available in any competitive events, workouts, or when riding alone.


Coming this summer, Zwift is introducing a new feature that’ll change the way you ride with friends. Imagine you’re in the middle of a ride, and one of your buddies decides to join the same Zwift world. Instead of having to stop your current activity, you can now teleport directly to them and ride together! And it doesn’t stop there – you can also make the most of Teleport with RoboPacers. Start your ride with an easy-going pacer group, and once you’re warmed up, simply teleport over to a more challenging group. Want to clock in more miles after finishing an event with a group? No problem, just teleport to a RoboPacer that’s cruising at your ideal speed!

To initiate a teleport, all you have to do is open your action bar while you’re riding. You’ll find the teleport option right there, ready to whisk you away to your desired destination. Once you’ve selected it, your avatar’s movement will appear as a straight line on your post-activity map, showing your seamless transition from one spot to another.

But there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • You won’t get distance credit or XP for the distance covered while teleporting.
  • You’ll still get credit for any routes or segments completed during your ride, as long as you don’t teleport during that route or segment.
  • Teleporting is disabled during events and races, and you can’t teleport next to a Zwifter participating in one.
  • You can only teleport to Zwifters you follow and who follow you.


Coming this summer, get ready for a revamped Action Bar! You’ll still access the Action Bar the same way you always have – by hitting the up arrow on your keyboard or via the Companion App – but the layout and functions are getting a major upgrade.

Gone are the days of endless scrolling to give a Ride On, change the camera angle, or make a u-turn. Now, actions are neatly organized into user-friendly submenus. Want to express yourself? Hop into the emote submenu, where you’ll find all your favorite reactions in one spot—Ride On, elbow flick, toast, and wave. Looking for Rider Teleport options? A separate submenu shows the Zwifters you follow (and who follow you), along with RoboPacers sharing the same world as you.

Plus, you’ll be able to access the Coffee Stop feature from the Action Bar and effortlessly change camera angles.


Coming this summer, Zwift is adding two new climbing portals – one in Watopia and one in France – that will allow you to experience a handpicked collection of the real world’s most iconic climbs, complete with every steep incline and winding switchback. This exciting update brings a fresh environment and a unique visual experience unlike anything you’ve seen before in Zwift.

Upon launch, you’ll have access to a rotating selection of several climbs available to Zwifters who ride into the portal, including two storied Alpine climbs: Col du Tourmalet and Col d’Aspin. One of the new portals will be outside the volcano in Watopia, and the other will be in the northern part of the France map, near the castle.

Climb Portal will be available as a route option from the Zwift home screen—you’ll get a short warm-up on flat ground before heading uphill. Riders can also access the portals during free ride in Watopia and France.

The portal segments will not be available for club events or races.


Coming this summer – Activating Keep Everyone Together in club events makes it a breeze for Zwifters to organize no-drop rides for their clubs. This way, you can easily hang out with friends and chat while you pedal, even if your group spans a range of fitness levels.

Previously, this popular feature was only available in select events. Now, any Zwifter who’s a club administrator can enable “rubberbanding” for their club’s events. With Keep Everyone Together switched on, all participants in club rides will stay united, regardless of their power output.

Club Notification Controls: This handy feature allows Zwifters to handpick which club chats and events they want to receive notifications from. With a simple toggle, you can stay in the loop with your favorite clubs while avoiding an onslaught of unwanted pings.


Coming this summer – with the Player Highlight feature, Zwifters can effortlessly spot their avatar, locate friends, and identify ride leaders in the virtual world. When riding in a dense pack, a radiant halo surrounds your avatar, those of the Zwifters you follow, and ride leaders.

The highlight’s intensity gradually fades when you’re in smaller packs or riding solo. This dynamic enhancement comes in particularly handy during events when everyone is sporting the same jersey.


This update – available now– brings a more realistic peloton experience—you’ll no longer be overtaken or unintentionally pulled into a peloton while riding solo.

What’s more, the updated in-game dynamics make it easier to glide from the front to the back of the pack or break away if the group’s pace is too slow for you. And, just like in real life, if you’re not actively trying to move up, your avatar will maintain its position relative to other Zwifters in the pack. So, hop on your bike and enjoy a more authentic group ride with these enhanced Pack Dynamics!

As we wrap up, it’s clear that Zwift has been working hard to enhance the indoor cycling experience for its community, even though not every wish or feature request can be fulfilled. With the arrival of warmer weather and the upcoming summer months, these new features aim to make every ride more engaging and enjoyable for a majority of users. Stay tuned for these updates as they roll out, and remember to share your thoughts and feedback.

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