While we are waiting on Zwift iOS app, which is expected to be released in the next couple of weeks, Zwift appears to be busy working on an Apple TV version.

A video of the Zwift Apple TV app was leaked on the Zwift Riders Facebook group.

The Apple TV version is different than using Air Play to mirror Zwift from your laptop or tablet to your TV via Apple TV. This is a native Apple TV app that you will be able to download from the Apple TV Store and use directly from your Apple TV rather than a laptop or a tablet.

Your Apple TV will be able to connect to your trainer via Bluetooth and control using the Apple TV remote. It’s unknown if Apple TV hardware will be able to support the graphic heavy Zwift, but from the short video posted, it looks like they are well ahead in development.

Currently, the app is being tested at Zwift HQ only. I reached out to them and currently, no information on release date or public beta testing as of yet.


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  • An Apple TV app is needed. A friend tried to use the new iOS app on an iPad pro 13″ with Apple TV and the results were horrendous. Frame rates were near 10fps and trainer control seemed linked to frame rate since that same choppiness in frame rate was transferred to the trainer (Kickr Snap). That was with using mirroring since airplay is not supported.

    • That was my experience as well. Give the Apple Lightning Digital AV adapter a try. I found it to be a much better method to connect to the iPad or iPhone to the TV through HDMI. You can find it on amazon for about $40: http://amzn.to/2hsUOWG

      • I’ve got one on order, but am not thrilled about the numerous reviews that mention failures after a few months. I’ll have to be careful about plugging and unplugging the cords.

  • What version of the Apple TV are you using? My girlfriend and I currently use our iPhone 6S and iPad Pro to airplay to our 4th generation Apple TV with no issues. Frame rate looks good and there is no lag from our iOS device to the TV. We use a Kickr Snap as our smart trainer. The biggest issue is that with AirPlay mirroring sound from the app isn’t sent to the TV. Not a huge issue since we usually listen to music. Happy Zwifting! I’m looking forward to a native Apple TV app.

    • Yes sound will not transmit to the TV through Apple TV when mirroring unfortunately. But like you said, music is what I listen to as well.