Zwift just introduced new maps that are available to ride now. The new Urukazi (woo-roo-kah-zi) map is an expansion to the Makuri islands and has the same southern Japanese island character that you find throughout the Makuri islands.

Urukazi is the combination of two Okinawan words – “uru” means “shore,” and “kazi” means “breeze.” The combination of the two words is meant to resemble the serene and untouched character of the Southern Japanese islands.

To ride these new routes, you need first to update Zwift to the latest version (1.31). The update should be available to most platforms.

Once Zwift is updated, go ahead and open zwift and log in to your account, and head over to the world selection map on the top menu. Then head over to Makuri Islands. The new routes consist of pavement, gravel, bridges, and beach sand roads that skim the water’s edge. You will find a lot of lush green sections, wooden bridges, sandy beaches, big waterfalls, and just a lot of little and rich details.

Eight new routes are available as part of the new Urukazi map. These routes are:

  • Mech Isle Loop: this is a short 2.5 mile loop that takes you around a short industrial section.
  • Bridges and Boardwalks: this is a 3.9 mile loop with 195 feet of elevation.
  • Fine and Sandy: this is an off-road loop that takes you around sandy beaches.
  • Island Outskirts: this 7 miles route takes you around the outskirts of Urukazi.
  • Island Hopper: this a cool island hopper route that will take you around all the islands of Urukazi.
  • Turf N Surf: is a nice 15.3 miles with 645 feet elevation that takes you from the city of Neokyo to the islands of Urukazi and back to the city.
  • Country to Coastal: this is a nice 20.8-mile-long route with 919 feet of elevation that takes you from the countryside of Makuri island all the way to the Urukazi and back again.
  • Makuri 40: This is the longest route in Makrui. It’s a 40km route or 25 miles that takes you around Makuri. It start off from the countryside of Makuri through the city of NeoKyo all the way to the new roads of Urukazi and back again. 


Join a Zwifter is back. This feature has been part of Zwift all along and disappeared since the new User Interface update. But now you can find it under “Just Ride” section in the home screen.

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