Cycling enthusiasts, get ready for a new and exciting adventure as Zwift launches Scotland, a world designed specifically for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships. I had a chance to explore Scotland ahead of its launch and you can watch the video above for my thoughts and a preview of this new map.

Scotland is Zwift’s first world designed for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, taking inspiration from the city of Glasgow and the Scottish countryside. The world offers five routes, three of which will be used in the multi-format racing that will determine the 2023 Cycling Esports World Champions.

Routes Descriptions

  • Rolling Highlands: 14.1 km (8.8 miles) with 105 meters (344 ft) of climbing. This rollercoaster ride offers a punchy course with a lot of opportunities for quick bursts of power in training or attacking in races.
  • City and the Sgurr: 8.6 km (5.3 miles) with 161 meters (528 ft) of climbing. This challenging route takes on Zwift’s newest hill from two directions and is perfect for hill repeat workouts or a super-challenging race.
  • Glasgow Crit Circuit: 3 km (1.9 miles) with 33 meters (108 ft) of climbing. This crit course set in the heart of Glasgow’s city center showcases the city’s unique architecture and is easily lapable for any length of race.
  • Loch Loop: 8 km (5 miles) with 71 meters (232 ft) of climbing. This mostly flat course is perfect for time trials or longer efforts.
  • The Muckle Yin: 25.1 km (15.6 miles) with 279 meters (915 ft) of climbing. This route takes you through Scotland’s most distinctive and engaging features and is a challenging route for those looking for a tough ride or race.

Map Availability

The Scotland map will initially be available only for events and races, with the first chance to ride Scotland during Stage 8 of the Tour de Zwift, Feb 3rd through 5th. Ride Scotland and Race Scotland events are scheduled from February 6 to March 7, and the map will be available for free ride, club events, and meetups starting March 8. The UCI Cycling Esports World Championships will be held on Scotland on February 18.

Completing a ZRacing or Ride Scotland event on the new map will unlock a Zwift Tartan cycling kit, giving you the chance to sport some tartan while grinding out those miles.

Let me know your thoughts on the new map.

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