Zwift today quietly rolled out probably one of the most requested features. A simple return to home functionality and an exit button.

Up until the latest update, when you ended a session, Zwift kicked you out of the game and you have to restart Zwift all over. This was frustrating particularly if you started a ride and you realized you picked the wrong route or you picked the wrong world. If you end your ride, Zwift kicked you out completely and you have to restart the game all over again.

In the latest Zwift update, Zwift quietly released a Return to Home Feature.

“Some of you eagle eyes noticed a little Easter egg in the latest game release. This Easter egg, an Exit Button on the home screen, was a nod to what we are slowly rolling out today: the Return to Home feature for PC and Mac platforms”

The Return to Home feature will allow you to jump straight into your next activity. Or stop your current activity, discard it, and start your next one, without exiting the game.

Zwift is also evolving its feature deployment to better test new functionality rollouts. According to Zwift:

“In an effort to better test new functionality rollouts, we’re evolving our feature deployment in a way that’s independent of a game client download. While we didn’t deploy this one perfectly, we are excited about additional capabilities to test features and functionality with smaller segments of our member base – this ensures better testing, better iteration, and a better final product for all Zwifters.”


When you complete an activity, end your ride as you normally do. Pressing the ESC button will prompt you to end your ride and save or discard.

Saving or discarding your ride works the same way. You will be redirected back to the Home Screen. Now you can select a different workout, or switch worlds or routes and start all over without restarting the game.

If you are done with your ride, click on Exit and Zwift will end the game.

Currently, the new Return to Home feature is only available on PC and Macs. This feature will be released on iOS / Android / Apple TV at a future date.

Did you notice the new Return to Home feature?

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