Garmin today announced the Rally series of power meters. Along with a name change from Vector to Rally, the new Garmin Rally series covers the three most popular systems: Shimano SPD for road and off-road cyclists and Look Keo road.

The Rally power meters are available in single- and dual-sensing pedal options.

  • Rally RS100 and Rally RS200: designed for road cyclists, and compatible with SHIMANO SPD-SL cleats
  • Rally XC100 and Rally XC200, designed for off-road cyclists, and compatible with SHIMANO SPD cleats
  • Rally RK100 and Rally RK200, designed for road cyclists, and compatible with LOOK KEO cleats

Basically if there is 100 in the name, it’s single-sided and if the name has 200, it’s dual-sided.

Garmin designed the Rally with sensors housed in the pedals. Meaning you can easily swap these pedals between bikes just like any other pedals. That’s the main advantage of any pedal-based power meter. But with the Rally, the spindle is designed to be transferable between different Rally pedal bodies as well. This is Garmin’s way of sucking you into their ecosystem.

The single-sided Rally RK100, Rally RS100, and Rally XC100 use the forces detected on the left pedal to measure both cadence and power and can easily be upgraded later to the dual-sensing system for more accurate power measurement from both legs. Also, the dual-sided pedals measure cadence, total power, left-right balance and provide advanced cycling dynamics which you can view on Garmin devices like the Garmin Edge bike computers as well as the Garmin Connect website.

The Rally uses the same battery as the Vector pedals. So the LR44 or SR44 batteries should work and should give you up to 120 hours of battery life according to Garmin. You can also use a single CR1/3N as well rather than stacking batteries on top of each other.


The pedals are available as of today and can be ordered from Garmin or any Garmin authorized retailer. The dual-sided pedals range in price from $1,099.99 to $1,199.99, while the single-sided pedals range in price from $649.99 to $699.99. The optional upgrade pedals range in price from $549.99 to $599.99.

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