Zwift, the popular online bike training platform, is now available to download directly from the app store. A beta version of the iOS app has been around since the summer, a large number of users applied for the beta testing.

Previously, Zwift could only be used on a Mac or Windows computer.

To download the iOS app, simply head to the Apple App Store and search for Zwift, and download the app, or click here.

We’re committed to making Zwift more accessible, easier to set-up and stress-free to ride. Zwifting on iPad and iPhone achieves all of this without compromising on a quality experience for our users.”

Eric Min, Zwift CEO, said ahead of the launch at Eurobike in Germany.

Twelve months ago, Zwift was a product associated with high spec computers, ANT+ dongles, and permanent home set-ups with large screen TVs. Very soon, this same product will be available at the tap of a finger from the App Store, entirely portable and easy to connect via Bluetooth. This is great news for cyclists across the world who live in city apartments and shared homes, where space is a premium.

Currently, the app is only available for an iPhone or iPad. An Android version is in the works but no information on when to expect a public beta or release date.


You can broadcast Zwift to your TV big screen directly from your iPhone or iPad via two methods:

  • Mirror through Apple TV. This approach works, but you might experience some graphic lags. You might have a better experience using the latest gen Apple TV.
  • Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Available for around $40, this is a much better method to connect to your big screen tv and enjoy the Zwift experience in high definition. It has an additional lighting port (next to the HDMI port) where you can connect your standard lightning-to-USB charging cable, and then the device will charge while displaying video through the HDMI port.


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