Zwift released a new update last night. The new update includes a lot of bug fixes and some new features. But the main features of this update is the addition of new off-road specific bikes to the bike shop as well as adding a couple of off-road training plans.

The new off-road bikes are available through Zwift Garage and can be purchased using your sweat points.

Zwift also added a number of new badges and achievements which you can find under the badges menu.

A Zwift user created a Google spreadsheet with all the current available badges with a tick box to mark them off as you get each one. You can find the spreadsheet here.


Zwift also built an event-specific 2km world called “Crit City”. Eric Min, Zwift CEO, posted a Strava Ride and teased us with a screenshot. This is an event-specific course and designed for a small number of riders. Crit events should start to appear later this month which you can join.


Zwift also teased us of a new menu interface that should show up in the near future. This new interface should appear first on Apple TV next month and then make its way to all devices. Zwift interface on Apple TV is known for being buggy and hard to use so hopefully this new menu system makes it easier to navigate.

Zwift also hinted on new features for runners coming in the near future. Also, they are working on different ways to steer within Zwift.


  • BETA ANT+ Heartrate strap support on Android (more device support to come in next update)
  • Added December Cycling mission (Ride 100miles)
  • Added December Running mission (Run 26.2miles)
  • Fixed pedaling animation bug when riders were warming up in an event paddock
  • Additional route achievements added
  • Female riders see female leaderboards first now
  • Added Crit City event world
  • Fixed bug where event distance estimations were wrong
  • Canyon Inflite, Canyon Grail, Cervelo Aspero, Scott Spark, Canyon Lux, and Specialized Epic bikes added to drop shop
  • Dirt Destroyer and Pebble Pounder training plans added
  • Hammer H3 spin down support over ANT+ added
  • Neo 2T road feel fixed over ANT+

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