One of the advantages of running Zwift on a PC or a Mac is the availability of a full keyboard. Zwift allows you to navigate and control some aspects of the game using your keyboard. This post is an update to a post I did a few years ago with the addition of the workout-specific shortcuts section and decided to accompany it with a video.

The video is broken down into sections:

I also updated the PDF reference sheet and the keyboard image with all-new shortcuts.

Function Keys

  • F1 Key: Elbow flick 
  • F2 Key: Waves 
  • F3 Key: “Ride on”
  • F4 Key: “Hammer time”
  • F5 Key: “Nice”
  • F6 Key: “Bring it”
  • F7 Key: “I am toast”
  • F8 Key: Bell ring
  • F10 Key: Screen Capture/Photo

Camera Angle Shortcuts:

  • 1 Key: Default view.
  • 2 Key: Zoom in closer to your avatar.
  • 3 Key: POV
  • 4 Key: Side view.
  • 5: Key: Low angle free-floating chase camera view.
  • 6 Key: Front view.
  • 7 Key: Side flyby camera view.
  • 8 Key: Chopper view.
  • 9 Key: Overhead view.
  • 0: Drone view (move around using arrow keys and +/- keys)
  • ESC: End ride 

Menu Keys

  • A: Pairing screen 
  • M: Send a group message 
  • P: Unlock a new kit 
  • T: Change gear and setup during the ride 
  • G: Switch HR/Power Zone graph on/off 
  • Down Arrow: Do a u-turn 
  • Up Arrow: Action menu bar
  • Left Arrow: Left turn selection
  • Right Arrow: Right turn route selection
  • Spacebar: Use Power Up

Workout Specific Shortcuts:

  • E: Select Workout Screen
  • Tab: Skip interval block
  • Page Up/Down: adjust workout % intensity (aka “FTP bias”) during a workout. On a Mac, hold down the fn key and arrow up or down.
  • + or – : Increase/decrease smart trainer resistance when ERG mode is set to off in workout mode.

Thanks for watching!

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