Bike trainer desks are designed to help keep your devices in place, water bottles, food, or if you like to multi-task and get some work done while getting a workout in. We’ve seen a number of them from major companies such as the Wahoo Desk, Saris TD1 trainer desk, and some cheaper knockoffs such as the RAD desk, or Conquer desk (which I reviewed here) for half the price of the Wahoo desk and Saris TD1.

The KOM Media Display table from KOM Cycling is the latest bike trainer desk solution we have that you can use when training indoors. KOM sent me this desk to check out. It’s a solid desk, really. Super solid and I’ve been using it for the past few weeks. It’s simple, not bulky, very lightweight, and easy to move around if you need to, and most importantly doesn’t take a lot of space like other desks out there. And It is only selling for $60 if you preorder it now.


The media table comes in a small and lightweight box.

Once you open it, you will find the table inside a plastic wrapping.

Then there is this table base that you need to attach to the table itself.

Then you have the tripod legs that will keep the stand upright.

That’s everything inside the box. No loose screws, wrenches or a confusing manual to read and you really don’t need one to put it together.


The assembly is very simple. The first thing you need to do is attach the base to the table. You will find 6 screws lightly screwed into 6 slots but you only need four. So why six screws when you only need four you may ask?

The six screws are there to give you two different options to attach the table. This depends on how much space you want below the table. So if you want it closer to the handlebar, or hangover a rocker plate, then attach the base to the back slots. Basically, it moves the table further or closer to you.

Next open the tripod legs and put the table on top and tighten the knob.

To adjust the height of the tripod, release the clamps and pull up or down. If you’ve ever worked with a tripod, it’s basically the same. And that’s all there is to it. The desk is now ready to use.


The KOM media display only weighs on my scale 7.6 pounds. The tripod is made from aluminum with the KOM cycling logo on one leg.

Each leg has a rubber-type stand to keep the display unit in place and prevent it from scratching your floors.

The table itself is plastic and has a rubberized anti-slip surface so you can put your laptop, tablet, phone, food if you want and not worry about it slipping off while putting in hard efforts on your bike.

You will also see 2 water bottle slots that you can use for water or whatever you want to put in there. 

And a 3 tiered device slot. This allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your tablet or phone in three different angles.

So if you want your tablet to be upright, you can use the lower slot. If you want it at an angle, you can use the middle or top slot. 

There are openings for cables so that you can extend a wire if you want to charge your laptop or tablet. 

The table easily adjusts height and it goes well with the KOM Rocker plate which I reviewed a few weeks ago so check that one out as well.

The table itself is 24×13 inches and height can be adjusted from 34″ to 50″. However, I was able to go as low as 30″ and as high as 58″.

So you have plenty of range to work with here if you want to use it as a standing desk for work or something else. It doesn’t have to be only used with a trainer.


The KOM Media Display is currently priced at $60 for pre-orders. But KOM is planning on retailing it for $90 once it starts shipping.

There are plenty of other media desk solutions you can get out there. Some of them are over $300 like the SARIS TD1 desk which I think is ridiculously expensive and not as good.

Also, you can find other options that might be cheaper like a music stand for example. Actually, that’s what I personally used years ago before trainer desks became an option. However, the rubberized surface, bottle holders, and device slot are key here and what makes these trainer’s desks unique for indoor training. 

Thanks for reading!

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