Today, TrainerRoad announced their all-new adaptive training system for cyclists. This new system uses machine learning, science-based coaching principles, and data sets to offer individualized training to every cyclist.

Adaptive Training is the result of years of work, founded on input from our community. Everyone is different, and I always encourage folks to meet themselves where they are with their training. I’m thrilled to say Adaptive Training does just that.

TrainerRoad’s Amber Pierce.

Using an advanced, machine learning-based system, Adaptive Training analyzes cyclists’ performance in every workout. It uses these insights to automatically determine Progression Levels, a real-time reflection of relative abilities across power zones. Progression Levels allow Adaptive Training to continually adjust an athlete’s training plan, refining strengths and targeting limiters with the right workouts.

If you missed a workout or didn’t preform a workout as prescribe, the new Adaptive Training is supposedly able to handle these common concerns or issues. After any break from training, as well as in response to planned time off, Adaptive Training adjusts to remove the guesswork and adjust the next workout.

Cyclists who don’t follow a training plan can also benefit from Adaptive Training. Every TrainerRoad athlete can see their fitness with Progression Levels, automatically calculated from their performance in recent workouts. Additionally, a new feature called TrainNow uses Adaptive Training’s insights to suggest individual workouts for athletes who prefer to choose their training as they go. It’s perfect for riders who want to supplement unstructured riding with occasional structured workouts to help them reach their goals.

Adaptive Training is currently in closed beta, but individual aspects will be released soon, starting with TrainNow and data-driven updates to existing TrainerRoad training plans. Full Adaptive Training functionality will be available for all TrainerRoad athletes in the near future. In the meantime, athletes can request priority access to try out Adaptive Training on

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