GARMIN Edge is a great bike computer to use when cycling outdoors. It’s also good to use indoors with your smart trainer. In this video, I will walk you through how to pair your compatible Garmin Edge device to your smart bike trainer and four different ways to use your Garmin Edge bike computer with your indoor smart bike trainer.

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  • Hi Tariq
    I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy a smart trainer and am looking at the Kickr Smart and Tacx Neo. Your videos are really helpful and interesting -thank you.
    I’ve just been watching the video about pairing and using the Edge 530, which I have. You mention that riding a course from the Edge, linked to a smart trainer doesn’t work very well but that there are better ways to do this. A video explaining other ways would be very helpful if you have the time. Tacx seems to have software which enables a gps file (eg from a computer like the Edge) to be viewed and ridden in 3D but there doesn’t seem to be anything similar for the Kickr.
    Ian (UK)

  • Hi Tariq
    I’m resending a comment as I’m not sure if the previous one posted OK
    I’ve just got an Edge 530 and am thinking about getting a Kickr or Neo. I was hoping to be able to ride courses on the trainer previously done using the Edge. However in your video you say that this does not work very well and that there are better ways to do it. You mentioned you might do a video on this. If you have the time, this would be really helpful.
    I note that Tacx software includes the facility to view/ride gps files in 3D but there doesn’t seem to be anything similar for the Kickr other then using BCool but this isn’t the same as the BCool converted files are interpretations.
    Many thanks for the videos which are both interesting and helpful