Garmin announced the release of two new bike computers, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 about a month ago, along with a new speed and cadence sensors.

Garmin kept all the features you are familiar with if you have their older models, 520 or 820 but added additional features geared toward off-road riding and MTB, as well as dynamic performance monitoring and analytics and better navigation.

The Garmin 530 packs a bigger high-resolution color screen (246 x 322 pixels) than its predecessor. The Edge 530 has a 2.6” screen compare to the 2.3” of the 520. A thick bezel is still there on top, bottom and sides. 
Both Garmin 830 and 530 have similar features except the 830 is a touchscreen and comes with additional navigation features.


  • Display size grows to 2.6″ from 2.3″.
  • Dynamic performance monitoring provides insights into your VO2 max, recovery, training load, power curve, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more.
  • Hydration/Nutrition Alerts: It will automatically calculate how much water and nutrition you should be taking.
  • Bike Alarm and Saftey Features The new computers include new bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, incident detection and compatibility with Varia™ rearview radar and lights so you can see and be seen
  • Integrated Off-Course recalculation and back to start; mountain biking model has integrated Trailforks data, including trail difficulty ratings.
  • Includes routable Garmin Cycle Map with popularity routing —which helps you ride like a local.
  • ClimbPro feature automatically shows the remaining ascent and grade when you’re climbing while following a route or course. 
  • MTB dynamics track jump count, jump distance and hang time as well as Grit, a measure of the ride’s difficulty, and Flow, which tracks the smoothness of your descent so you have a score to beat next time.
  • Find My Edge feature automatically detects the exact GPS location of your Garmin Edge device.
  • Bluetooth Smart sensor support: about time… finally, Garmin started to slowly add Bluetooth support to its devices.
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours with GPS and works with Garmin Charge™ power pack for up to 40 hours of additional battery life.
  • Price: Garmin Edge 530 starts at $299 and Garmin Edge 830 starts at $399.


  • Processing power is twice as fast in the Edge 830 than Edge 820.
  • Ability to add the full destination address in the 830.
  • Heat Map display data from GarminConnect.
  • Point of Interest Database gives you the ability to search for a nearby restaurant or a coffee shop.


Garmin also released a new speed and cadence sensors to their lineup. Both wireless sensors now support dual ANT+ and Bluetooth for easy pairing to other mobile devices. Each sensor will cost you $40 and there is bundle that include both for $70.


Garmin Edge 530 and 830 are available to order now and should start shipping early next month.

Garmin Edge 530, Garmin

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