Tacx Rolls Out New Firmware Update For The NEO With Improved ERG Mode and Virtual Speed

Tacx rolled out a new firmware update to fix/improve some of the issues some users reported with the NEO ERG mode and high cadence reading when accelerating. The new update is available now. Just make sure you download the Tacx Utility App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What does this update fix or improve?

Smart cadence: a more consistent cadence reading, specifically during accelerations.
Fast erg mode: improved short-term intervals when using power or erg mode.
Increase motor speed: increased to 40km/h from 30km/h to give you a more realistic downhill experience and natural feeling at high speeds.
– Virtual speed: easier and more realistic accelerations after you stop pedalling and when going downhill and at high speeds.

Issues with the update

Some users reported issues with the update, including me. Basically, when you start the update process through the Utility app, it will reach about 47% and then stops for about a minute. Then it will go back to 25% and keep “rebooting” and “preparing” and doesn’t get out of that cycle. It seems to be a problem with certain iOS devices and Bluetooth connectivity. Tacx is aware of the issue and hopefully, they will release a fix soon.


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  • It would be helpful if tacx put the firmware updates on PCs . I only have an old IPad and cannot get the app to work on my phone,android. This is an annoying thing as I cannot get road feel either.