Tacx today announced new structured training plans in Tacx mobile app available for iOS and Android. Over 99 plans are available. To use the new plans, you need to be a Tacx Premium subscriber. The Premium membership costs (€9,99 per month or $12 USD/month) or Premium HD (€13,99 per month or around $16.50 USD/month based on today’s currency prices).

When you login to the app, you will see a new “My Training Plan” button. Tapping on it, will take you to the cloud.tacx.com website and from there you can browse the different plans available.

The plans are broken down by three phases: Groundwork, Brickwork, and Roofing. Each plan is designed with a specific goal: Endurance, Time Trial, or Racing. The Groundwork, for example, is designed for general fitness and endurance in mind. It’s 5 weeks long and broken down by three different intensities based on your FTP w/kg value. So if your FTP value is between 2.8 – 3.8 Watt/Kg, then the Mid Intensity one is recommended for you.  The plan starts with 325 TSS/week and maxes out at 509 TSS/week.

You can also view and subscribe to these plans on Cloud.Tacx.com website.






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