STAC Announces STAC Zero VR Smart Bike Trainer

Today, STAC Zero officially announced their new STAC Zero VR (Variable Resistance) smart bike trainer. This is the same trainer they showcased at Interbike last year which I covered here.

The name STAC Zero VR is not the official name of the trainer. It’s what they are calling it for now. An official name will be released soon and they are taking customers feedback. But for now, I will refer to it as STAC Zero VR.

The STAC Zero VR is ANT+ (FE-C) and Bluetooth Smart (FTMS) compatible and should work with most cycling apps such as TrainerRoad, Zwift, The SufferFest, Garmin EDGE, and any app or device that is compatible with these protocols.

The controlled resistance functionality offers both ERG and simulation modes, meaning that instead of shifting gears in ERG mode, the STAC Zero VR will adjust the resistance for you so you can focus on your workout. In simulation mode, the trainer will adjust the resistance to simulate gradient changes just like riding outside.

I will have a test unit in the next few weeks but for now here are some of the key features:

  • Full Zwift compatibility. You can ride it in simulation mode or ERG mode.
  • Up to +/-1% accuracy.
  • 100% Battery Powered. I would love to see this with more trainers. The STAC Zero comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, should last 10-20 hours of riding, depending on usage. It can be plugged in with micro USB to recharge or during use.
  • The trainer broadcasts power and cadence data.
  • Automatic magnet positioning. The magnets automatically space themselves, taking all of the hassles out of the current setup.
  • The trainer can store workout data (up to 2 hours) and upload to your phone without having it present during the ride.


The full trainer is priced at $799 USD and comes with wheel weights. You can pre-order the trainer today from STAC website. They are running a special for $699 for a limited time.

Current customers have the opportunity to upgrade from either the base or PM version

  • $429 USD for a regular priced upgrade.
  • $319 USD for a pre-order upgrade for current customers.

The Upgrade Kit includes a full resistance unit that is designed to replace the current resistance unit on your trainer. The resistance unit is the part of your trainer that includes the magnets, calipers, Powermeter pod (if you have the Powermeter model) and metal bar or strain gauge that is attached to the orange frame by 2 bolts.  Installing the upgrade kit can take between 15 to 30 minutes depending on your comfort level with this type of work.

STAC expects to start shipping the trainer in July 2018.



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